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Jellyfish tattoos are actually a rare choice, and most people claim that this pumps up the beauty and the uniqueness of the design even more. Sweet jellyfish tattoo on this girls ankle uses blue, purple, and black ink in a very line-heavy format.
Most people who bear these tattoos on their skin are either lovers of the vast sea or the rich life that thrives in it.
This includes boldly-colored creatures that are ornately designed, much like those in fantasy paintings. Jellyfish tattoos may take on an alien motif, whereby the echizen kurage makes an interesting choice.

Interesting patterns make up many of the tentacles of this jellyfish, a nice alternative to filling them in with color. In a more general tone, jellyfish tattoos can simply represent the laid-back nature of the life led by the wearer.
These could either be done with elaborate details, much like a painting, or just with simple outlines for the tentacles and the body. The body may be done as a round, plated disk from which flimsy lines of tentacles branch out.
This depicts the large jellyfish floating through space and embracing a planet using its ornate tentacles.

You may also go for a design that features thicker tentacles in vibrant tones that blend well into one another. You could also tweak your jellyfish tattoo by incorporating a flower for the body and roots for the tentacles. For an edgier design, you can use a crimson zigzag pattern at the upper half of the body, with flimsy wisps as the tentacles.

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