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The Leo tattoos that are presented in this site are sure to suit all tastes and preferences. Like every other astrological sign association with one or other parts of the body, Leo sign is associated with heart and spine. Incoming search terms:leo tattoo designs,leo tattoo,leo sign tattoos,leo tattoos designs,leo lion tattoo,Leo Lion Tattoos,tattoo leo,leo symbol tattoo designs,leo zodiac tattoos,leo sign tattoo,No related posts.
Ruled by none other than the majestic sun, the sign of Leo is associated with royalty and leadership. Each sign of the zodiac has special characteristics and of course when you have it done on your hand or arm or some other visible body part, it looks truly amazing. In Western astrology July 23 to Aug 22 is the period which is occupied by sun in tropical zodiac. Many tattoos can be viewed in larger formats by visiting this site, and many are also accompanied by photo series showing how they were made.

For example, how long it took to complete the tattoo, where you got it done, who was the tattooist, where the design came from, or anything else you'd like to tell us about this tattoo or about yourself.
One of the most attractive zodiac sign symbols that you can use as a tattoo is the Leo Sign. Again in tropical astrology the Leo tattoo symbol symbolizes the sun full of energy and also maximum heat. People will love to have a large lion tattoo with a crown and also having their great main waving in air. The design can be a tribal sun, a lion with a sun or just a good looking sun with rays pushing out down.
You may upload as many pictures as you like, using a new submission page for each one.You can also include slide-shows and YouTube videos. They are also very attention-seeking and love to be the life of any party or social gathering.

Just put the embed code in the "Tell us about it" area below.Be sure to include your full name and geographic location so we know what to put in our videos.Have fun! People born under this sign often love to sport zodiac tattoos that highlight their regal temperament.
Leo tattoos come in a variety of designs that range from full-bodied figure of a lion to the head of a lion. Some of the popular styles of Leo tattoos include Celtic Leo tattoos, tribal Leo tattoos, Leo Sun tattoos, Leo ambigram tattoos, lion with crown tattoo, lion with cub tattoo, lion with flowers tattoo, Leo anklet tattoo and fiery lion tattoo.

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