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Few things inspire thoughts of beauty, purity and virtuousness quite like lotus flower tattoos.
These days, the lotus flower has been enjoying newfound popularity as the subject of many types of art - especially tattoos.
This is just another example of how unique the lotus flower tattoo is, and it serves to underscore the timeless and undying nature of this exotic plant.
It is the national flower of India and Vietnam, whose cultures tend to lend it the most significance.
Since many people are willing to name their kids this way, it is apparent that esteem for the lotus flower tattoo is quite high.
It doesn't take a lot of digging to figure out how important the lotus flower tattoo is to various cultures. The goddess Sarasvati is usually shown sitting on top of a white lotus flower tattoo and is a very popular body art theme.

Although the plant is native to greater India, it has become cherished and popular around the entire world. One of the most interesting ones is the fact that its seeds can last and remain useful for many, many years. If you ever receive lotus seeds, don't feel like you need to plant them immediately; as long as they are kept in favorable conditions, they will last for a very long time indeed. Interestingly, there are dozens of synonyms for the word "lotus" in Indian and other Asian languages. The unfolding petals of the lotus flower are often compared with the expansion of the soul, so it is fitting that popular deities are shown with it.
Showing off tattoo is not taboo anymore since many people have made it as their identity in art. While the lotus flower can't thrive in any random environment, its unparalleled beauty and the deep meaning and symbolism that are often attributed to it have caused people around the world to adopt it as their own tattoo.
Many times, important deities like Vishnu and Lakshmi are depicted sitting atop lotus flowers.

May be you are too bored in flower tattoo design because of the common form of flower like rose or lily.
You can gather Lotus Flower With Quote Tattoo guide and view the latest Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs Bring New Style into Fashion in here. The beauty display of lotus flower takes freshness to flower tattoo design for women.There are three main designs of Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs. The black line is the common ink used because it doesn’t need too much colors to polish it.Second is Lotus Flower with Leaves and Animal.

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