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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. As everyone one knows rose is a beautiful flower and have been a symbol of romance and love. Although, The rose is one of several old school designs that is undergoing a growth in status. In addition, women are seizing the traditional symbol of the rose and joining it with up to date ideas. At this moment you have no doubt in your mind about having a rose tattoo on your lower back. Needless to say a red rose denotes passion and love; a rose lacking thorns signifies love at first sight. In our views due to its circular nature rose is perfect for the circular area of the hips, and gives womanliness and beauty.

A splendid yellow and red roses combined is great to be inked on your upper back or even on your chest. For many years we have seen rose tattoos on lower back are becoming some of the hottest choices for young girls as well mature ladies.
If your personality is flamboyant and sophisticated, you can a bouquet of Roses tattooed on your both arms. Although tattoo roses are prevalent among women, still the image remains to be attractive and appealing. Black roses, although not so popular are appropriate to people who want to be unique and distinct. Regardless of its years existence, it will forever be a classic icon of femininity and romance. No wonder, every valentine’s day, women prefer to receive dozen of roses as they are more meaningful and figurative than any other flowers.

Wherever you might place rose tattoos on your body and regardless of the color of your choice, they will remain to be in the mainstream of art. Just like other species of flowers, roses come with different colors, red being the most popular, meaningful and significant.
Blue roses for example are often portrayed in literature as a symbol of prosperity aside from love. Yellow roses indicate joy, gladness and friendship, also a strong symbolism that the giver truly cares to the recipient.

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