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The Island: Castaway Walkthrough provides detailed information on how to survive your time on the lonely island you find yourself shipwrecked on after your ocean liner sinks into the sea. If you have a character icon to the left, you can also click on that and it will open the map. Hint: If you just need to get somewhere that doesn't have a star, just click on something else that will take you on your path and click for yourself when you want to break away from that direction. If you are told to find Nick or talk to him and you can't see his star, then he is in a cave. When Mike goes off to get water, you won't be able to find him, but don't worry he'll come back. The trick to fishing is to click and then wait for your fishing line to turn white or at least light pink before clicking again. The first time you have to find rosemary, it is not going to be in the usual spots but it in the planting beds in Central Forest. To prepare food, click on the cooking button, choose your recipe, and if you have the ingredients, you can select cook. Oshumare--Heart of Island cave--The first two times you will enter the cave will be from the Heart of the Island. Actually on Mike wants something from you; he wants you to find an axe so you can cut down trees so that he can build a boat to get off the island. Bring the boar to Phato but maybe you could kill a few more why you still have unlimited arrows. Boguro, Nomatu's wife and Phato's mother, will teach you how to plant in exchange for 6 rosemary.
Phato wants to talk to you so you can go ahead and do that on your way to the rosemary in Central Forest. Bring the wood to Mike and he will have you make arrows at the workshop, which is just next to the camp's fire. Bring the 7 snakes to Tomano, she will give you 150 pearls and let you keep the snake meat.
Talk to Mike, he wants ingredients for grilled steak, 4 boar meat, 4 rosemary, and 4 sticks.
Talk to Ugo who wants gifts; he also tells you that Phato is in a northwestern cave, which is really more north than west. Boguro is thankful to have Phato back and gives you a recipe for stew to bring to Ugo as a spiritual gift. John will now take you up to the sanctuary area and then leave because he doesn't like the snakes.
Talk to Phato about the feast who tells a weird riddle, but you can ask John if you could find him. Bring them back to Nick who will give you the recipe and tell you to cook the stewed snake.
Find Phato outside the new cave; he'll go back and you and John will go in to find some kind of old camp.
Similar to the previous games of the series in Risen 3: Titan Lords you will almost never have too much of cash and it's difficult for your hero to gather wealth. Sell items you have found BUT only if you know you won't need them.While studying your environment you don't have to look only for gold.
The game allows you to pickpocket some NPC's and steal from their houses.An interesting way to get rich is stealing from the NPC's you can meet.

Winning in mini-games gives a chance to earn some gold very fast.In many villages and towns you will visit during your adventures you can find NPC's offering you a possibility of playing some mini-games. Use our detailed step-by-step instructions to guide your progress or take a peek at our frequently asked questions to get the answers you're looking for as you play this exciting survival SIM game.
In addition many items and services are very expensive (you can read more about this topic in the chapter What to spend money for?).
In most cases You will be rewarded for completing a quest with a few hundred gold pieces, however more complex quests can give you advantage of even one thousand gold pieces. Don't forget about the possibility of using the spell scrolls of Parrot Flight and the ability of Monkey Trainer to reach the treasures seemingly inaccessible.
Our main hero can make use of different equipment you can find, such as weapons, precious ornaments, spell scrolls or resources.
Unfortunately the game allows you only to pickpocket specific characters which you can recognize during the conversation, when you can find the dialogue option of Pickpocketing. All of them are thoroughly described in the chapter Mini-games, however their common feature is that they are quite easy (or even very easy) to win.
Underneath you will find tips about making money, both general and very specific (such as meeting particular NPCs). The reason of it is that in Risen 3 there are no limitations related to how much can you bear - involving neither weight, nor the amount of slots in your inventory.
Pickpocketing will end up with success if your Pickpocket skill at the moment is higher than vigilance of your interlocutor. You should play especially in these kinds of competition that you will have to be a part of if you want to finish few of the side quests.
In description and summary of each quest we included information about money that you can earn by completing it. Most of the NPC's has their vigilance close to 100 points, which means that pickpocketing requires from us a lot of investment. You can try to avoid their security and just run into the room in hope you will find something precious fast enough, but the better solution is to use Sneak skill (which you have to learn first). In these situations rewards are much higher and often they rewards reach even few hundred gold pieces. Underneath you can find few examples:You can bring Raw Fishes to Nate from the Calador and every one of them will be worth 15 gold pieces. Warning : This doesn't works on gems, Perls and any other loot as their buying and selling value have tons of difference. However you HAVE TO do it carefully, since some objects from your inventory may be very helpful in further parts of the game. Unfortunately even the successful theft almost never ends up giving the Nameless Hero any valuable items. Additionally since time to time there appears an opportunity to get some bonus gifts (including legendary items). You may find more information about this topic in the description of the side quest related to Calador - "The Long March". Studying every newly visited place is very beneficial, however it may be limited by your character's abilities. You should keep recipes for potions, alchemic components and also magic rings that can increase most important abilities of your hero.
For example you can find mussels after fighting the crabs or tongues from the bodies of alligators.

Casual variants of competition are not as profitable, since they mostly offer rewards not higher than few dozens of gold pieces. You can bring the Iron Ore to Wilson from the Calador and every piece of it will be worth 25 gold pieces. For example if a silver plate have selling value 25 gold then the buying value for this at level 3 haggling is just 22 gold. Large amount of gold is hidden in chests, especially closed ones which require to develop the Lockpicking skill. I think the safest thing you can do is to sell all the unnecessary weapons, outfit and also items like brooms, knives and forks. You can sell or save your trophies for later, since you may want to use them to craft magic scrolls or potions. You may find more information about this topic in the description of the main quest related to Calador - "New Allies". Also it's a good thing to look around for pouches that you can find sometimes on the ground. Unluckily your hero is not a well-trained hunter and as the result can't get all kind of trophies at the beginning of the game. You can bring the Silver Goblets and Silver Plates to Colby from the Kila Island and every one of them is worth 80 gold pieces.
Instead of using food much better way to regenerate your health bar is using the alcohol (such as rum) and taking with you on your adventures the NPC called Bones who possesses the healing spell. It will be a good decision to change it and even in the earliest parts of the game to develop your skills by taking some lessons from one of the hunters you can find in the realm, such as Bronach living near the hut in the forest in the Calador.
You may find more information about this topic in the description of the side quest related to the Kila Island - "The Precious Silverware ". It is especially beneficial since you can't go back to once killed monsters in later parts of the game and if you will not have needed abilities you will lose a potential trophies for ever. After you will return with the apprentice Horas to Taranis you can start bringing him Rock Crystals, getting for each one of them 100 gold pieces. You may find more information about this topic in the description of the main quest related to Taranis Island - "A Follower of Magic" and in the description of the crew's quest - "Magical Efficiency".After you will recruit Mendoza you can star bringing him Soul Dust found in the Underworld and each set of five of them will be worth 200 gold pieces. You may find more information about this topic in the description of the crew's quest - "Black Magic Experiments". You can recruit gnome Jaffar from the Taranis Island and start to explore the realm in his company. Jaffar will automatically find valuable items from the surroundings such as pouches with gold. It's a great way to multiply your cash if you don't want to study your surroundings by yourself and you don't want to develop Astral Vision skill, which is very helpful due to the highlighting the important items. You may find more information about this topic in the description of the crew's quest - "Sign Jaffar On".

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