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January 4, 2013 by howtonestforless 175 Comments Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for a sneak peek into my recent projects! To begin you will need some type of graphic computer software such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. And just type away right on top of the chalk board background in Photoshop with your new fonts! Hi, I downloaded the chalkboard background and a font, but how do I type on the background since it saves it like a picture? I am having trouble knowing how to change the graphic image from Black to white in Photoshop elements. Fold all corners of your Minecraft mob characters cut-out template, tabs should always be folded inwards.
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I cannot get any sphangum moss in my country, for some reason, can I use another type of moss? I love these…I made one for my daughter to give to her teacher for Christmas and she loved it! Getting important documents and letters on time is extremely critical and is the job of the postal services to make sure that it happens easily.
Generally the software is available with the sheets and you can install the software to make your own labels.

It is best that you print several sheets at the same time, particularly if you rely heavily on the postal system. I’ve secretly wanted one of my own for ages, and recently realizing that some artsy ones can sell for thousands of dollars, I decided it was high time to learn how to make my own on the cheap.
Cover the pebbles with a thin layer of loose charcoal, which will help keep the water in your garden from stagnating. If you’d like to add people to your terrarium scene, check out stores that sell model train supplies. As I mentioned before, there’s no drainage hole, so add enough water so that the soil is just moist. I recently made a cute terrarium with shark teeth instead of pebbles, and did it all for under 5 bucks that you can check out here! Since we have to send a lot of mail ranging from personal letters to credit card bills to various requests, it is best that we have our address labels printed.
If you have a long name and address, be sure to pick labels that are slightly bigger than others so that there is ample space to get your information on the label in a clear manner. Make sure that you get in the information and double check it to make sure that you have all the right details in. Each sheet will have several labels so you should end up with a stock enough for a few weeks.
After much pleading, I finally managed to convince Melissa to spill her terrarium secrets, which she was kind enough to share in this post!

Part of the success of these types of container gardens is providing for good drainage because glass containers don’t have bottom drainage holes like regular flower pots. I have tried lots of different types of plants over the two years my garden has existed, and some have done well while others have died. You can use any size glass container to make yours, ranging from a jar or brandy snifter to a fish tank.
I just recently posted an article on how to create your own maidenhair fern terrarium here. I find that introducing a scale figure that matches the miniature stature of the plants can really set off the whole terrarium and make it more of a small little world. My garden is placed on a coffee table in the center of a medium-sized room that has two windows, which seem to provide enough light to keep it alive and well.
Avoid experimenting too much with the colours and the fonts as too fancy a colour or a font can make reading the label difficult.

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