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This is a blue rose on my left lower leg with my boys names for the stem with their foot prints as part of the leaves.
Memorial Tattoos with all their different designs and styles are probably among the most popular tattoos requested.  Even when not actually stated as a memorial tattoo, many times that what they represent to the wearer.
Military Memorial Tattoos – Military memorial tattoos are most often seen on someone for loss of a service member.
Firefighters Memorial Tattoos – Firefighters memorial tattoos are inked for many reasons.
Breast Cancer Memorial Tattoos – Breast cancer memorial tattoos are seen on both men and women.
Pet Memorial Tattoos – Pet memorial tattoos are a great design to forever remember your pet. Memorial Tattoos for Mom – Memorial tattoos for mom are sad in nature but will make you smile for years to come. Memorial Tattoos for Dad – Memorial tattoos for dad in remembrance for the times you had together can be a fun tattoo design to ink.
Colors for Memorial tattoos can be done in single dark ink with lot of shading to add depth and will look great. Well for a start tattoos of all kind are now a lot more socially acceptable than they used to be. They are generally used to remember family members or very close friends, but one reason why they are so popular nowadays is because they are very popular amongst soldiers and their families. Not only are memorial tattoo extremely popular, but memorial tattoos representing tombstones are also growing in popularity. Images of feather tattoos Peacock feathers make a simple centerpiece option for your home or a special event. An awesome couple tattoo idea for your love You are in love and you need a couple tattoo for 2.
Memorial tattoos are body arts that are worn to pay tribute to some loved one who has passed away. You can choose among the various memorial tattoo ideas presented in this site or create your own tattoo idea from the ones shown above.

Memorial tattoos are the perfect way for those who wear body art to permanently memorialize the departure from their life of someone or something they love.  See some of the most requested memorial tattoos below. Some firefighter’s memorial tattoos are seen in memory of their lost one and quite often for a reminder of lost firemen for their heroism in the line of duty. It is predicated that there will be 39,510 deaths in 2012 and early detection is key for surviving breast cancer. An idea here could be your dads favorite sports team, work logo or item that you saw him with during the years you grew up.
For some people color will bring energy to their memorial tattoos designs.  Military memorial tattoos may have camouflage colors, reds, black, yellow and white. Military, firefighter, pet, mom, and dad memorial tattoos are normally in a mid size; seen inked on the shoulder, chest, arm and lower leg.
Many people that never imagined getting tattooed end up getting a memorial tattoo as their first design. People who chose to have tattoos done used to be regarded as being slightly rebellious, and there's no doubt that certain sections of society used to look down on these people.
With so many conflicts around the world, casualties are sadly inevitable and so memorial cross tattoos are a great way for family members, and indeed colleagues, to remember those who lost their lives fighting for their country. These are very striking images and are often even more poignant because there is more room to add a message of remembrance onto the tombstone itself.
You can download and obtain this awesome image that we served by click the download button below to get our high quality versions. These tattoos are permanent markers that serve as salient visual reminders of our loss and bereavement.
Military memorial tattoos can also be seen on retired service members as a memorial for the end of their service time for their country.
For an idea on firefighters personal memorial tattoos is to add the station house number as the background with the name and dates of birth and death with the badge number. This is when pet memorial tattoos can help during this difficult time.  A simple idea for pet memorial tattoos is a picture of your pet looking at you with its name under the image. Ideas for memorial tattoos for mom can be a humming bird in flight caught in freeze frame with head and the bill pointing down with two yellow flowers to the side of it, and the word mom on the opposite side running top to bottom.

Nowadays, however, although some prejudice inevitably still exists, people with tattoos are not generally viewed in the same way.
Ideas for military memorial tattoos for the fallen are very personal due to their nature, and using an image and items they loved in the design is always good.
Idea for firefighter’s memorial tattoos for line of duty can be a New York fireman’s hard hat with station numbers the background and two axes crossed to the sides and then “ Sept 11  We Will Never Forget” at the bottom. As breast cancer memorial tattoos ideas, the pink ribbon can have angel wings added or even a butterfly will add a nice accent. Try adding dads name under the cap and date of birth with any personal items he used in everyday life. Breast cancer memorial tattoos are usually in a small design in a visible place like the neck, base of the neck, fore arm, back of the hand, upper chest or on the lower leg. Indeed tattoos are now extremely fashionable thanks in no small part to the many famous celebrities who are choosing to get them done and displaying them for all to see. This is a tradition that goes back to the early 20th century, when many American soldiers sported tattoos in loving memory of their fallen comrades. For end of service military memorial tattoos you may consider the branch of service like the Army with the date of entry and retirement date. Be sure to shop for a tattoo artist who is recommended for their portraiture abilities and skills.  Bring picture with you and ask to see photographs and the pet memorial tattoos they’ve created for other people. The vertical use of lettering and the font you choose will modernize your mother’s memorial tattoos.
Memorial tattoos can include some or all of the following elements: birth and death dates, portraits, zodiac signs, red or white roses, birthstones, stars and favorite objects or animals of the deceased. Add something that you specialized in such as a camouflage satellite dish for communications.
Include names, dates, special items you shared, but always show the pink ribbon with the loop, it has almost become an international sign.  Promote it if you can.

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