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Last week, TLC took viewers to the intriguing world of tattoo artistry in Miami Ink as the motley crew worked on a bunch of new clients, including several artists, a tourist, a musician and a basketball player, while tattoo shop co-owner Ami James stressed out on the business. Don't forget to catch back-to-back episodes of Miami Ink, LA Ink and London Ink, along with the first-ever Battle of the Inks tomorrow on TLC. Hey Kat I freakin love what you do, your so fun and your drawings are awesome, can’t wait to get a tat from you. Kat you need to go down to hustons on hollywood next your old tat shop (truetattoo) and get a giant bowl of chili!!!!
The tattoo on Kats chin is a flower, she had it done for something look at when she was drinking and partying a lot – taking shots of tequila – read her book its in there in her tattoo directory!!!
With the acquisition of Supergirl, The CW nearly has one superhero show every night of the week this fall.

Arrow season 4 episode 22, "Lost in the Flood," sees Oliver and Diggle break into Tevat Noah to save Thea, and a few problems later, the ark is no more. It will probably take some time for fans to get used to NCIS without Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, who gave up his badge to start a new life with his daughter Tali. On this episode of Nashville, "It's Sure Gonna Hurt," Rayna and Deacon deal with their marital issues, Juliette spends some quality time with Noah and while Gunnar and Autumn grow closer, Scarlett has an epiphany.
Last time on Empire, Freda shot at Lucious on the ASA Awards red carpet after Cookie's drunk sister spilled the beans that Lucious had her father, Frank Gathers, killed in prison.
In "Lost in the Flood," Arrow continued its trend of just making everything suck in the worst way possible. The builder dude tries to explain why the shop is not finished yet, but nothing can explain away that ridiculous hat….

Kat gives a pissy face after meeting with the construction dudes, somebody didn’t get their way!
And like the others, there are some returning shows that are moving to different nights, including Supernatural and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. But it's about to be the start of a new chapter in Amelia and Owen's lives -- at least it will be if they end up getting married. She was and is probably still one of the most friendly, energetic, sweet people you’d ever have the privilage to know!

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