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Microsoft Photo Editor ships with Microsoft Office 97 and the stand-alone versions of Microsoft Word 97 and Microsoft PowerPoint 97.
Microsoft has replaced Photo Editor with Microsoft Office Picture Manager, a new photo editing and cataloging program in Office 2007 and in Office 2003. If you haven't tried Photoshop yet, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a try and find out why 'to photoshop' has become a verb in most English-speakers' minds.This program comes packed with so many different features and tools that it is indeed difficult to sum them up here. Compile, run and debug your application on the *nix server, while coding on a Windows workstation.

Microsoft Photo Editor is installed when you perform a custom or complete installation from the compact disc. With that said, there are literally thousands of different Photoshop tutorials available across the web from forums to enthusiast web sites. It does not ship with the stand-alone versions of Microsoft Excel 97, Microsoft Access 97, or as part of the Microsoft Office 97 ValuPack.
With this free download of Photoshop, you're able to test out the program for 30 days and try it out for yourself.

In essence, the free trial version of Photoshop acts as a full version until the trial is done.

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