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In 2008 it was decided to initiate contract negotiations with German Howaldswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) GmbH and Marine Force International LLP Consortium for the procurement of new submarine project.
With the realization of the project, the infrastructure of the Golcuk Naval Shipyard will be improved and the shipyard will gain the know-how and experience regarding the construction and outfitting of submarine with air independent propulsion system. In case the contract is signed with HDW-MFI Business Partnership, the 214 Class submarines would be constructed by Golcuk Naval Shipyard through the design and material packages to be supplied from the Business Partnership. A total of 6 new Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) submarines are being constructed by HDW in Turkey for the Turkish Navy. HAVELSAN, with a vision of widening the area of operations in the NTSP, signed a new contract with HDW to provide its own indigenous Submarine Data Distribution System (DBDS) on 24 November 2011. In fact, DBDS, originally developed by HAVELSAN and produced for MILGEM and New Type Patrol boats, is the third member of Ship Data Distribution System product family. The project covered the construction of 6 New Type Submarines with air independent propulsion system.
Also, in scope of the project, in which the participation of local industry at the maximum level is aimed, some of the systems and equipments to be integrated on the submarines will be produced and integrated by the local subcontractors.

As the leading local defense company and the main sub-contractor of ATLAS Elektronik, HAVELSAN is responsible for the software development, test and integration of Combat Management System (CMS) with Integrated Sensor Underwater System (ISUS 90-72). DBDS, provides all kinds of information needed by a submarine from the source and similar to a nervous system, distributes information to related systems in a safe manner in required intervals and formats. Initial members of those systems are successfully being used onboard TCG HEYBELIADA and new potrol boats.
The submarines will be constructed at Golcuk Naval Shipyard with the participation of local industry and through the material packages to be supplied from the contractor. In this scope, the industry participation will be achieved through the production and integration of some systems and equipments by the local subcontractors and the procurement of some infrastructure improvements from local sources. With DBDS, the information flow between submarine sensors, weapons, command and control systems and other navigation equipment could be centrally managed and controlled. With DBDS contract, HAVELSAN, demonstrates a first time marketing success for a indigenous system requiring high technology and standarts. The evaluation of the proposals was finalized and on July 22, 2008, Defence Industry Executive Committe has decided to initiate the contract negotiations first with HDW-MFI Business Partnership.

In addition, redundancy is provided for the source of information where necessary and all information could be recorded for analysis purposes when desired. In addition, similar to the previous defence projects, HAVELSAN also supports the SSM efforts to raise local content for New Type Submarine Project (NTSP). Contract negotiations started on August 2008, and as of early 2009 Turkey planned to launch the program later in 2009. The Type 214 from ThyssenKrupp was selected in the summer of 2008, but there had been no reports of contracts having been as of a year later.

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