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As apps have gained traction, brands have already established new priorities for how their mobile marketing strategy is structured. Mobile web, mobile paid search, mobile retargeting, paid app installs, mobile social marketing, and mobile messaging now function as gateways to an app install. The goal of these marketing efforts?  Be present on the consumer’s mobile device.  Being present on the smartphone now means apps.
Nike Fuel (Wristwear), Google Glass (Headwear), Galaxy Gear (Smartwatch) all utilize apps as their center point.
Apple’s Car Play, recently announced Google and Microsoft in-car systems are using apps to provide the next generation of features. Major retailers, airlines, and even coffee houses like Starbucks are powering their location based services via apps.  At the gate?
Today, as mobile becomes the dominate platform, apps are evolving as the primary smartphone medium.  As future tech continues to utilize apps as the central gateway, major brands are focusing their mobile marketing strategies around the app install. For one small monthly fee every bit of IT needs can be covered by CK Computer Solutions maintenance support.

Your airline ticket automatically pulls up.  Arrived at Starbucks?  Your scanable card is ready. With individuals now using mobile products for a large amount of their work it is necessary for most companies to have a mobile application available for users. All on-site, remote support and new product consultations are covered by this one off monthly free. This way, the individual can access information and work on content over their mobile phone or tablet. Ever since the original iPhone hit the market in 2007, software manufacturers have seen the ability to produce software and make a good amount of money doing so.
With the processing power of mobile devices continuing to evolve and grow there is are expansive options for mobile designers to not only easily produce content for mobile devices but also increase their profits off of selling services for both mobile and platform based hardware.Mobile applications have come a long way in the last five years and now there are hundreds of thousands of applications available for all mobile devices.
Whether a user has an Apple or Android based device in their hands, there is a large number of applications available (of course, the programming is slightly different, so it is necessary to alter the information in order to make sure the program runs on both devices). However, with this being said the mobile applications do require some specific attention in order to draw interest from individuals using the mobile devices.

Because it is now easy for the applications to go live on iTunes and Google Play (and others) it is important to understand the other applications available to download and to make the app have either different features or improve functionality over other apps. This way, users are more likely to at least download the content.Mobile applications come in both free and pay versions.
The free version usually associates ads into the content in order for the designer to make money. On the other hand, the individual is also able to charge for the download of the application in order to bring in initial revenue, which it splits somewhat with the host service (iTunes, Google Play). Often times it is a good idea to make the application free for a time, in order to increase interest in the product, so more individuals download it. A new application that is similar to a pay application is not going to drum up a large number of downloads.

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