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Alors que la tres attendue troisieme edition du Mondial du Tatouage commence a se mettre en place a Paris, quelques uns des meilleurs tatoueurs europeens et mondiaux se reunissent a Montreal du 6 au 9 septembre 2012 pour le Art Tattoo Show Montreal. Parmi les artistes francais qui seront du voyage, on retrouvera notamment Mikael de Poissy et Dimitri HK accompagnes de Henrik Tatouage et de Tin-Tin. Pres de 200 tatoueurs de renommee internationale seront reunis a la gare Windsor au centre-ville de Montreal – Du 7 au 9 septembre prochain, dans le cadre de la 10ieme edition du Art Tattoo Montreal, pres de 200 artistes tatoueurs d’un peu partout a travers la planete seront reunis a la Gare Windsor. Quant aux simples curieux, ils pourront profiter de l’evenement pour decouvrir l’art du tatouage et se familiariser avec tout ce qui s’y rattache.
Vous trouverez egalement des rencontres et des interviews avec quelques uns des plus grands artistes tatoueurs, qu'ils soient francais ou etrangers, tres connus ou moins. The line-up for the show was again impressive, tattooers from all over the globe were in attendance. People joining this movement today don’t realize that there was a great deal of effort and sacrifice to get the tattoo community to were it is today. For the past few years Ia€™ve been hearing much talk about a little bike show out in the Sunshine State of which the primary focus was to go back to the a€?rootsa€? of custom bike building as a whole.

For the first time in their history, two major motorcycle events joined forces to offer a fantastic weekend. The 8th annual Montreal Art Tattoo Show took place on September 10, 11 and 12, 2010 at the magnificent Windsor Station. Montreal Art Tattoo attendees could also revisit old friends such as Turk from LHBLK (USA), Seth Wood and Chuck D, William Thidemann, Julian and Dan from 5cents in Ottawa, Shamus from MTL Tattoo, Sandra and Greg from Sacre Bleu as well as our friends from Art Corpus.
The concept was first developed by a couple of buddies who were tired of going to bike shows that were asking an exaggerated amount of cash as an entry fee and that didna€™t deliver much in the form of unique handcrafted custom machines. Lovers of distinctive art and tattooing turned up in large numbers to meet the two hundred artists on site. The a€?newbiesa€? included Ichibay from Three Tides in Japan, Chad Koeplinger, Norm AWR, the known graffiti-tattoo artist from Los Angeles, Mason Williams who served his apprenticeship under Kore Flatmo, Rudy De Amicis, Pat from Burly Fish Tattoo and Greg from Tattoo Faction.
Montreal is a beautiful city with its fair share of beautiful tattooed people. The convention was held a the Gare Windsor, a remodeled, beautiful old train station with the natural lighting and its open concept it gave a fresh and inspiring surrounding. It was cool to hang with Tony, talking about how the industry has moved so fast into a worldwide art form.

They were fed up with the same a€?ol a€“ same a€?ol billet barges and manufacturers that came to the motorcycle playing field just to make a quick buck. Over ten thousand visitors roamed the historically impressive Montreal railway landmark filled with glass doors and ceilings! And now tattooing is recognized as a real art form and not the stigma that has been so long associated with this form of expression and art classification. They decided it was time to resurrect the type of bike show that echoed the beginnings of a treasured lifestyle, a bike show with an essence that can only be found in books and magazines (and of course films) from the 1960a€™s and 70a€™s. Steve Moore was out from Nanaimo, displaying mad skill, along with Dave Cummings from PSC in Montreal. Tattoo Mania from Montreal was in full display housing a line of talent… And where did all these great girl tattooers come from?

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