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On Tuesday and Thursday nights, the guy at the front desk of my gym asks a question of the day.
Witty, strong, independent, vicious at times, a patron of the arts, clever, bold:  there's no denying that Good Queen Bess was one helluva gal who paved the way for strong, female leaders. Besides having the surname "The Great" (not really a surname), the man was a revolutionary leader and military genius.
Again, having "The Great" follow your name is like having a Doctorate in the field of "ROUND HOUSE KICK TO THE FACE BAD ASSERY".

Try as I might, I could never achieve Mother Theresa's level of holiness, and putting her on my list is my way of honoring her compassion and impact on the world. Unlike my Abraham Lincoln "obvious", this entry really should be obvious to anyone with a soul.
I always look forward to him asking because he comes up with some pretty interesting inquiries. Subscribe to Court's Excellent Adventures by typing your email address in the box and click the "create subscription" button.

Zahi Hawass is the host!" before DVR'ing "Treasures of Ancient Egypt") my mind was swimming with a thousand different answers.

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