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Well, the truth of the matter is that life is going to happen – sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.
Level 2 Challenge:  Pick one quote from the collection above that stood out to you the most and tell us how that quote relates to you and your life.
Level 3 Challenge:  Share with us a time in your life when you were able to keep moving forward in spite of a very challenging situation that you were facing. My grandmother passed away I parted ways with a good friend, my dad got remarried and moved away. I quit high school mostly because of my learning disability but the other big reason was because I was harshly bullied by everyone because I am very skinny.

I had no friends, not a single one but oddly that never bothered me or at least I told myself that..
After dropping out I lived with my parents doing absolutely nothing with my life other than sleeping and playing games or watching anime. Eventually, (like 4-6 years later) my parents got tired of me being a lazy waste of space and forced me out of my comfort zone to go out and find a job. I became a different person and it was fucking amazing until months later when it all came to a massive hault and it was like I had driven so far in life but one mistake and BAM I put it in reverse and drove right back to where I was.. I befriended the wrong people… I did something embarrassing I lost all the self esteem I had built up until now as rumors spread and all the people who respected me now look down on me and make fun of me so here I am in a rut once again.

Wanting to quit my job because no one respects me anymore and I am feeling like that outcast once again… This same feeling just like in high school.

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