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Usage: Although early intervention and instruction are not necessary for developing musical talent, they appear to be significant factors in determining a child?s full realization of a musical gift.
This symbol has been translated to english by Applied Language Solutions, the world's leading translation company! The eight string arched harp is slung around the shoulders and held to the body like a guitar. I had the chance to hear this instrument on the opening night; the singer sang and played the harp as backing.

The Ahka have their origins in Mongolia before moving to Szechuan and Yunan provinces in China.
Tribal musical instruments - Lahu The Lahu are from the Tibetan Plateau the highest place in the world.
Tribal musical instruments - Mien The Mien preserve their history and traditions in song which tells of migration through Central Asia possibly Mongolia before settling south of the Yangtze River 2,000 years ago.
And with that we end our journey through the Jim Thompson Art Centre on displays of tribal musical instruments.

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