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The great “Bard of Avon”, William Shakespeare had once said that the men of a few words are the best of men. One word tattoos are carved with lettering that sum up the life or personality of an individual. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Literary Tattoos, Chinese Writing Tattoos, Inspirational Tattoos and Knuckle Tattoos. The girl has forgiven herself for her mistakes and got the word carved on her forearm as a mark of gratefulness to be in the position that she is today.
Carved in bold font with dark ink, this one word tattoo symbolizes strength and the fighting spirit inside the girl who has led to her personality growth. This pretty one word tattoo contains the whole gist of the life of the wearer and always acts as motivation. Carved in bold and simple futura font, this tattoo is a synonym for the guiding principle that rules the life of the wearer. This Finnish word, carved in curvy font, means to be courageous and never back down which also acts as an inspiration for the man. This simple word that summarizes our existence expresses the idea that we must enjoy each moment of our life as though it were our last.
Spanish word that means small or the little one looks pretty when done in graceful cursive font with twin outlines.
This is a charming one word tattoo done in bold font with black and red ink and flanked by stars that says that the wearer is always dreaming about her aim.

This tattoo has been carved as a reminder for the people who stood as pillar of strengths in the hard times of the wearer. Carved on the wrist in a neat and lovely font, this word represents the philosophy of the life of the girl. Another faithful person has got the word as a token of motivation on the foot in fancy, cursive font. The girl has got this word carved on the wrist as it means a lot to her and symbolizes multiple things that are important in her life.
This Hawaiian word has a sea of meanings hidden inside it that is special to the wearer and looks cool too. Love tattoo that has the name of the girlfriend of the guy carved on the forearm and shows his fondness for her.
This tattoo encircling the wrist stands for the confident and magical attitude of the wearer that always prevails over other people. The father expresses his love for the small bundle of joy, who is no more, with this baby foot print tattoo that also exhibits her name. This tattoo is a reminder to live life fully and value every breath one takes as no one knows when it might stop. Expressing oneself with the nickname tattoo is a cool way of showing your love for your near and dear ones. The girl’s middle finger exclaims her love for her lover and is a signal that she is engaged.

The girl loves the word deeply as it has always brought cheers for her and got it carved as a mark of love.
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Well, all of us may not agree with him but we would surely agree to one fact that less is more. In today’s world, everyone wants to have it short and simple and tattoos also seem to be following the trend. The location of this tattoo is also a part that is visible because that is when the purpose of having such a tattoo is fulfilled. Small tattoos and one word tattoos are quite popular among the masses as it hurts less and the gains are pretty more in comparison. Talking about the latter, word tattoos are liked by those who are interested in flaunting an attitude or expression.

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