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Traditional music, dance and poetry: the geisha represents traditional values that the Japanese held to them dearly. Tea ceremonies and intelligent conversation: one part of a geisha's job was to appeal to nobleman and warriors with intelligent conversation and etiquette.
Geishas have become a popular symbol in the West due to appearances in popular movies such as Sayonara, novels like Memoirs of a Geisha, and art forms like manga and anime. Fertility: red is a popular color for a geisha, and they believe that wearing red undergarments will bring fertility. Asian-themed tattoos are very popular, and it's no surprise that we find the geisha perfect for tattoos. However, those willing to be more daring may want to take their own spin on a geisha by having a zombie or ghost geisha for a tattoo. The lotus flower tattoo has been a part of body art in Asia for a long time because the lotus has powerful meanings drawn from ancient cultures and religions.
To Buddhists, the lotus represents the purity of enlightenment after the long toil of earthly existence because the pure, white flowers of the lotus unfold each morning out of muddy, standing water. Because each lotus seed contains what appears to be the complete plant in miniature, it also represents the completeness of the soul before birth. Because the stem of the lotus is so tough and resilient, the flower came to represent harmony and fidelity in the marriage.
Because of the flawless vision of a pure, white flower breaking through the water, it was said to be like a beautiful woman stepping from a bath and came to be associated with the ideal of feminine beauty and grace.

As a tattoo design, this meaning is very similar to the Buddhist vision: rebirth and new beginnings. The lotus is also popular as a tribal design, usually completely black, sometimes with color accents. We are starting a new snake tattoo pictures section on the site feel free to link to your favorite snake tattoo pictures in the comment section this page is dedicated to snake tattoos.
The porcelain face, black wig with accessories, and beautiful kimono bring an aura of mystery to a geisha. A true geisha is a learned women in position of power and embodies proper etiquette and entertainment skills. A geisha needs to perfect their talents, learning the art of conversation, and be a strong female leader. With exquisite colors and patterns, a geisha tattoo can be sensual, mysterious, beautiful, and exotic.
Make sure you find a talented tattoo artist because geisha tattoos are not the easiest kind of design: there are many details and it's hard to get the face right. Every person, like the lotus flower, is already perfect and is only waiting to emerge and grow into that perfection. To Buddhists, this means that the plant can represent an avatar, an ascended soul who chooses to return to earth to guide other souls to the light of Nirvana.
The Buddha is said to have been born from a lotus, emerging pure from its perfect, white heart.

The historic meaning of the lotus flower does not matter nearly as much as the meaning it holds for you. The misunderstanding came from Japanese prostitutes who dressed as geisha to appeal to American soldiers in World War II.
Women as well as men can wear a geisha tattoo, although it is a very feminine kind of design. These colors, paired with the red lotus of the heart, make an unmistakable statement about intense devotion. The interlinking images that can surround a lotus flower will add clarity to the statement you are trying to make. Gold and pale blue can be paired with the white lotus if your message is one of purity or holy guidance. An image of the Buddha, for example, would make it clear that you chose the lotus to represent enlightenment or new beginnings.

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