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Styled in smooth flowy ink strokes, this medieval tattoo comes with elegant geometrical symbols. Take a look at the fine curvy lines of the freshly inked tribal cross on the man’s upper back. A pattern of criss-cross lines with delicate curves, is the high point of this tribal cross.
The rich shaded patterns give a three-dimensional look to each arm of the cross in this back tattoo. The delicate red shades along with the fiery edge of the arms, give a distinctive look to this upper back tattoo. The negative spaces give relief to the bold black inked areas, in this tribal cross tattoo.
Criss Cross tribal tattoo design is just awesome and it looks very beautiful and its design is very unique.
All the cross tattoo designs are so different and so new all the cross tattoo looks awesome. Wow these refreshing tribal cross tattoos design are so cool and stylish i like these tattoos very much.
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Women very often used Libra zodiac sign tattoos for tattooing on shoulders, arms and pelvis. What about men they are supporters of grey colored Libra tribal zodiac sign tattoos with an angel in center which holds the scales. These types of tribal Libra zodiac sign tattoo are the best choices for expressing stability, justice and balance between two scales of life. Both men and women are used Libra tattoo design not only for its zodiac sign meaning but also they used this Libra tattoo idea for showing that justice is the general thing in their lives.
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The horizontal and the vertical lines come together in the neat shape of a Christian cross.
It is inked to express themes such as the sacrifice of Jesus, deep faith in religion and a belief in the power of good. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. They also used Libra zodiac sign tattoo for underlining women`s characteristic features such as romantic, perfect and equitable features. By this Libra zodiac sign tattoos both men and women trying to express the whole love and beauty of balanced and justice world.

Libra zodiac sign tattoos also suitable for those men and women who were born between 22 of September and 24 of October. With their primitive energy and bold natural style, tribal art gives a whole new expression to the cross. In this topic I will show you the whole beauty and deep meaning of Libra zodiac sign tattoos. Be it in terms of bold lines done in a black curvy pattern, or an intricate combination of ornate strokes, a cross make for a very expressive design. Tribal Cross Tattoo Designs show how the free play of lines and symbols in tribal art, can give a rich look to a cross. Whether inspired by New Zealand Maori art, or the ancient art of Mexico, the patterns tell a story about the community of their origin.
The colors of Mexico, the mysterious symbolism of Celtic art, and the sensuous spirit of Maori art, come out in tattoo designs.

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