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You can also practice yourself and try to change some of the particularities of this animal! It's also their great hearing capabilities that help them a lot!Their eyes are fixed in their sockets making it difficult for them to see around without turning their head. The head is made with a simple, flat circle while the eyes are round and deep.The body is almost rectangle while the legs are made with small squares.

You can draw one with a small head and big toes (2) or one with a square body (3) or just practice to draw some big eyes again (1)! With more than 8 years of experience, you can learn how I did it using these free resources available here! They also have some tufts of feathers (1) that are very similar to ears (but they are not!).An owl has some very large wings (4), a powerful beak (3) and some strong toes (6).

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