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What inner force lifts a man out of the mainstream of mediocrity into the lonely chase of his dream? This kind of success demands that a man reach deep down within himself for an inner strength that can be produced only by this passionate zeal.
Those who have not seen the invisible realities of their dream worlds think such people are mad. Without the fire of passion a person will slip back into the slough of mediocrity and be tempted to return to the shelter of anonymity. I am all for the special fancy dress, but I am even more for a special fancy dress that you can also dress down.
So now’s my chance to tell y’all that I am hosting a $25 giveaway to The Mint Julep!
What mysterious power is so mesmerizing that it leads one to relinquish the luxuries of life in order to respond to the lure of the unthinkable? Like a silent hunter, this unseen force captured them with its reality and catapulted them into the race for the inaccessible.

The absence of passion will leave one isolated in his own fantasy world, always dreaming of the great possibilities of life but never committing himself to their fulfillment.
Look at the books you buy, the music you listen to, the people that you are attracted to, and the subjects that arouse you.  These will give you clues to your passion. Y'all gotta get permission by me to use any and all material on Bless Her Heart Y'all cuz I own it and I worked my buns off to get it here.
What intriguing pursuit has the power to pull one into a circle of commitment that eliminates all other fascinations outside that ring? It is the wind that gives loft to the eagle, lifting it above the masses locked in the drudgery of apathetic inactivity. A dream is not enough; it always must be accompanied by the intensity of passion that drives one into the lonely arena reserved for those who attempt the impossible and track the invisible. What sacred cause awakens a man from the slumber of indifference to pursue the scent of the impossible? All isolate them for fear of catching this horrible disease that challenges one to move outside the comfort of the traditional and conventional.

Here’s the tutorial to how I get the mega braid!), or bring out your best top knot, some bangles, and all your colorful fringe-worthy jewelry for a tropical look.
But trust me y'all, everything that I write is all me, including thoughts, comments, quirks, and reviews. They endeavor to segregate these people in order to safeguard their own comfortable and secure lifestyles.
It is the inner support that keeps him awake in the night seasons when others are fast asleep.
It is the power for the race, the propulsion for the jet, the spark for the fire, the wind for the sail, and the contractions for the birth.

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