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There are many other car mounts available in the market than the conventional suction and vent types that people usually go for.
The best car mount’s functionality mainly depends on the location it is installed in and the user visibility it offers. Global Positioning System or GPS technology that started as a military project for soldiers to locate themselves is now within everyone’s reach. Newer automobile models and luxury rides even come equipped with an in-built GPS system in the car’s console. This is the second and the last part of our two-part series on choosing the best car mount for your drive and the GPS system that you just purchased. The very next thing to do after buying your Samsung Galaxy is to purchase a Galaxy car mount especially if you own a car.
So after you have chosen the right car mount for your device, it is time to install it for your cell phone. Here are 4 Free Windows 8 Photo Editing Apps for those who are into making their photos beautiful by giving amazing photo effects.
Out the four given apps, the first three are available under the ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8 Store, while the last one (Skitch) is available under the ‘Productivity’ category of Windows 8 Store.
Awesome Pictures is one the most popular photo editing apps available in the Windows 8 Store. In addition, this Windows 8 photo editing app lets you annotate your pictures using circles, and arrows. FotoEditor is yet another popular Windows 8 photo editing app available under the ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8 store.
It’s a very simple photo editor Windows 8 app where you can upload a photo from your PC else, just capture live from within the app (using Web-Cam). Available under the ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8 store, Photo Monkey is an excellent Windows 8 photo editing app to edit photos by using amazing photo effects such as painted, vintage, black & white, and many more.
Once you are done with photo editing on Photo Monkey app, you can now save it your PC’s photo library or share it with others via Facebook, Twitter, or just send them personally via Email.
Ending my post with this last but of course not the least Windows 8 photo editing app available under the ‘Productivity’ app on the Windows 8 Store. There are options to choose a source over which you would like to make modifications such as a blank virtual page, upload an image from your system’s library, or capture one instantly, using the integrated web-cam. Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news.

By using this apps you can shoot video and upload the video into Magisto after that this is gonna be the great edited movie.
This article will familiarize you with some uncommon car mounts that can safely house your GPS. Of course, that entails selecting a car mount that is the right fit for your GPS system as well as your car. With its many lucrative features, your phone is bound to keep you distracted while you drive. Though mounts usually come with instructions and are fairly easy to attach, it is important to go about the process thoroughly.
You can add unique effects to your photos and share them online with others via Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Using this Windows 8 photo editor app, you can edit all your captured moments by using tools available with the app.
Here, you will find more than 40 unique photo effects such as Distort, Artistic, Stylize, Crop, Morphology, and many more. You can read more about Photo Money or just give it trial by installing the app from the store.
Here, in this you can easily decorate your photos by adding annotations, draw objects, use pointers, arrows, circles, or add text, etc.. You can either upload a picture from your local machine or just capture one using the Web-Cam, from within the app. It has a advance camera with new focus and exposure qualities also with endless source of creativity .
Awesome Pictures brings you a hand-free editing where you wont find photo effects, rather you would require to use editing tools such as pencil, shapes, blur, vintage effects, add text, and more. All you need to do is to follow three steps, first choose any shot you want, second tell your story and finally select the music you want with the video. It gives you detailed instructions about how to create videos on different ideas and much more. Splice will give you  the freedom for combining photos, video clips, text, sound clips and all that you want. This comes with great features like , simple and easy to use methods for assembling videos,  many great sound tracks and also different types of borders and attachments to enhance your videos. The best thing about this app is that you can enjoy the luxury of grabbing high resolution perfectly timed frames, shot by your iPhone .

It has many interesting options like you can record videos within the app, it can also apply filters and crop the videos within the app and you can directly share the edited videos on facebook and other sites.
Silent Film Director is an ideal app for those you want to turn their videos in old twenties. This is one of the most comprehensive and easy to use app which allow you to create amazing old age videos just in minutes . Now it is more improved and have many features like capturing photos from videos , mirror effects and tripping and splitting videos. Camera Plus comes with the best and most comprehensive feature list like it comes 9 video filters , extremely fast capturing ability and great results. It also has a cropping option from which you can delete those clips which are not required. This is a fully loaded iPhone app with great features like professional grade True8 processing, you can import  videos from your camera roll, you can also share your videos on facebook and twitter and much more. It modifies your creation by adding more colors , effects, filters and many more things and the best part is that all of this is done automatically. Reel Director iPhone AppIf you want to take your video editing experience to another level, so Reel director is the app for you. This is very simple all you need is to shoot a video, save it in your photo library and open the Reel Director iPhone app and start  your project. This app allow you to trim videos, add effects , add titles and sound tracks and best of  all you can have the full preview of each frame on the bottom of screen in the timeline. You can import music tracks and also add names of those people who are involved in the video. It has many other outstanding features like you can rotate the videos and share them on Youtube within the app. You can trim the length on any video, add tracks to it, select different videos and combine them.
Game your Video is one of the simplest yet powerful video recording and editing apps I’ve found.
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