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With Adobe Photoshop, you can decide on whether you want to use premium tools or just entry level free tools for your iPad. Pixelmator is very old in the business, especially for Mac, which gives them an extra layer of expertise when it comes to work with iPad.
Apart from the basic tools that you always need, Snapseed comes with automatic control to do quick fixing to your photos.
This is another cool App that can help you to keep a record of numerous information with your photos such as: source, photographer, location, caption and many more. More or less, these 4 Apps can let you do many awesome editing on your photos at a cost of nothing. Despite the fact that we’re lucky that there are a bunch of third-party video editing apps available in the market which delivers various features to their users. These apps let users quickly modify and animate your images and video clips to create them creatively amazing and you can undoubtedly cut the exhausting and unwanted parts of the movie and add effects that makes you moments memorable and delightful. In this article we’ve collected a bunch of Best Video Editing Apps for iOS and Android devices that delivers numerous features to modify your lovely moments. Video Star is an iOS app that makes you and your friends the star of the wonderful music video. Magisto Video Editor & Maker is a free Android and iOS app for the beginners as it oblige much skill to edit a video. This app also delivers a cool list of features and it helps you to capture moments and modify them on-the-go to create photo-stories, amazing movies, and slideshows. Replay is iOS video editing app shipped with a bundle of tools to edit the videos and filters that will make them right at home in Instagram. I shared Part 1 of my fave photo editing tips last summer and thought I would add some to the mix. Rhonna Designs: My spunky friend and amazing designer has some gorgeous and inspiring quotes and phrases.
Square Ready: Is a great little free app for when you want to share for of the photo then a square and still have a white background or you can change the background to any color. Because, it comes with Photoshop Express and Photoshop Touch to make that work in that way.
This photo editing App is designed with lots of preset filters and effects which are segregated into categories to make your life easier. It is one of the old contenders in this arena and does offer a user-friendly interface to work with.
On the other hand, you can add star ratings to your best photos so that you can find them easily later on. But of course, you can always go for the premium version of any of these Apps which will definitely worth every penny you pay.

These come with their own video editing apps which gives you quite good features and functionality.
The following apps are available on Apps Sore as well as Google Play Store where you can instantly download them.
Magisto will SURPRISE you with wonderful movies automatically created from your images and videos. It is Apple’s very own video editing app and provides almost everything you need to tell at your fingertips, with an awesome streamline interface that let you enjoy the videos like never before. Capturing the favorite moments through a video camera in a fast or slow motion mode and making the awesome movies with the help of filters and special effects.
Just wanted to pop in and share some of my most recent, favorite photo editing apps you can use on your smart phones, ipads etc.
They recently developed a photo editing system in app form which made me think… why didn’t they do this sooner?! The name of the app is Phoster (poster + photo) where they have some cool, modern templates for making your own photos into posters. You can share your photo stories and arts to Instagram, Twitter and other social media networks. However, taking only high quality photos doesn’t get the job done, it needs editing software to make some magical touches on the photos to make it look even more beautiful and creative. In the free version, you can do very basic editing and can do the advanced level if you upgrade to Photoshop Touch.
Vintage, light leaks or black and white variations of the themes are very common which are available on this App. For example, whenever you touch on a category your photo will come on a full screen and let you choose the selections like brightness, shadows, contrasts and others just by dragging your finger up or down.
When you will work with it, you will find a big sidebar that has all you need to adjust brightness, contrast, shadows, darkness and so on. This app is also available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download them respectively.
With the help of wonderful tools you can set the size, style and positioning of titles as well as sprinkling of color effects. There are a bunch to choose from including the above heart, circle, triangle, and geometric shapes. There are square and portrait options and you change the text in all the posters to customize it to say what you want.
With iPad, you can do this magic with 4 cool iPad Apps that will let you edit your photos like a pro. However, you can access selection tools like masking tool, Lasso, layer manager and many other in the Photoshop Touch version that you may have experienced in the desktop version.

Apart from that, you can have access to 12 editing tools like pencils, sprays, paint brushes, crayons, markers, erasers, smudges and many more. It’s just not that only, you can pick any specific part of your photo to effect only that part of the area keeping the rest intact.
However, Photogene doesn’t have the layer manager option and also no double exposure or masks options available with it.
It turns your images and videos into amazing video clips, complete with cool graphics, effects, and your choice of song and music. You can also adjust the size of the frame and have a bit of space to move the photo around inside. Some apps, like Splice, can be great choices, but they are only available on one device or the other.Where video editing is concerned, most people only want to learn one user interface.
That’s why I looked at the ease of putting together a great-looking, easily shareable video in addition to comparing features of these top apps.And yes, I left iMovie out on purpose. Replay comes with tons of great music built right in and it can pair tracks with your video with zero work on your part.
You can even edit the pace and feel with just a few taps.Just select the photos and videos you want to be a part of your final product and let Replay take care of the rest.
You can add up to 200 clips or photos in one project and choose between almost 30 editing styles (or keep it simple).I also enjoy how Replay handles portrait and square videos by adding a blurred background of the video behind it. This looks much better than ugly black bars on each side of the frame.Replay is free to download.
Swipe right on a clip’s thumbnail to reveal additional options such as crop, copy and split.You can add music from your music library as well as add transitions.
Just tap on a clip to see your options, select the type of edit you’d like to make, and you’re done.Part of what makes Vee for Video so simple to use is the drag-and-drop interface.
If you need to reorder clips, just pick up one with your finger and move it left or right in the timeline.
You can also tap between clips to add transitions.Another Vee for Video trick that I love using is the focus and exposure feature.
If you use Pinnacle Studio on the PC, you can export projects from your iPhone or iPad and pick up where you left off. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.This post was syndicated via The App Factor.

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