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Instagram has done amazing things for plated meals and the wings of planes, but the photo-sharing app has had a very positive impact on one more unexpected profession: tattooing.
Whether you're a die-hard tattoo collector or just a casual fan of the art form, it can be hard to stay abreast of the work done by the best artists in the industry. What’s even more interesting and impressive is the access to their process that some tattooists are using Instagram to grant.
Below is a list, broken down by genre, of some of the best tattooists you should be following on Instagram. Whenever I share Hurtado's work with someone, the usual response is: "That's a painting, that's not a tattoo!" Wrong.
Quintanar is doing some of the best—if not the best—black and grey tattoos in the United States.
Hooper has taken mandalic patterns and sacred geometry to new heights with his refined ornamental work and intricate pointillism.
If you don't know the name Horiyoshi III, you don't know anything about the Japanese tattoo. Rubendall and O'Donnell have a long history of working together in NYC and both have a deep passion for the traditions of Japanese iconography. Drew Apicture is a tattoo artist from Burleigh Heads, Australia, who managed to get our attention through his amazing hyper-realistic tattoos and the crazy amount of details which he manages to capture in his works, taking realism to a whole new level. The demand for hyper-realistic tattoos has increased over the past years, as more and more ink enthusiasts seek out the ultimate in near realistic photographic reproduction, but this is a style that not every artist can do.

The hyper-realistc tattoos done by Drew Apicture show that the artist has the required skills to do a style that has been encouraged to grow and developed by those who have a good grounding in fine art and are able to approach the subject with a superior knowledge of color theory and its application. A well versed ink artist with a good understanding of color theory and “depth of field” technique, Drew manages to create some incredibly detailed tattoo pieces that look like they could be photographs. Of course there are many great other tattooists on Instagram in each of these styles, but I've focused on artists who primarily shoot their work and things related to the art of the tattoo. It's definitely a tattoo; though his amazing use of a broad color palette, mastery of realistic shading, and control of the tattoo machine does make his work look like it belongs in a museum. With his West Coast lettering style and his intricately shaded portraits, you won’t mind overlooking the pictures of Travis Barker (whom he has tattooed extensively).
They have also added their own modernizations, and inevitably "Americanized," twists to the genre. If the size of Joe Capobianco's pompadour is a symbol of anything, it's that he's all about big curves. If you pine for the "Good Ole Days" of tattooing, you need to tune into the work of Philip Szlosek.
It took me 20 more years to take the plunge to get one for myself and—after 100 hours beneath the needle—I haven’t regretted any of my decisions. Much to his mother’s chagrin, he’s spent spent the last six gears getting heavily tattooed, with over 50% his body adorned in ink. Whether he’s creating a face, an animal, or different, complex scenes, his incredibly realistic art seems to come to life. It seems that Drew Apicture, the ink artist that we recently discovered, is among the ones who can produce the most lifelike representation of the subject as is humanly possible. Check out a selection with a few of our favorites in the image gallery below and visit his Instagram for more.

This 3-D tattoo make you feel as if you can reach out a pet the dog; the sparkle in his eyes, makes you feel loved. Facebook has made it easier for artists to update their online portfolio without the help of a web developer, but it's not being used as a resource with any great consistency. In his feed you’ll see not only the famous bodysuit work for which he's known, but a sense of the tradition he works in: fascinating antique photographs of Japanese tattooing, and Ukiyo-e woodblock prints from which the tattoos are derived.
Rubendall and O’Donnell’s shading and gradation of color are complex without being overbearing; their choices are somehow rebellious yet respectful; and, most importantly, they both tattoo some really amazing skulls! The hips and lips on these ladies are large and plump, and their chests are as robust as Capobianco's color palette. His lines are tight and crisp, he churns out flash sheets on a regular basis, and most of all, he breathes new life into the traditional tattoo iconography of panthers, gypsy girls and the like. That’s because I did my research and I did it the hard way: by walking into shops and flipping through hard-copy portfolios.
The innately addictive nature of Instagram, however, has empowered and encouraged artists to share their work on a daily basis. For pin ups that are cartoonish, more than a little naughty, and always beautifully executed, be sure to follow this account.
If you’ve ever been tattooed, this brings the sense-memory racing back to you: the small cups of ink, the smell of the disinfectant soap, the whir of the machine, the blood and sweat.

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