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Recent venues for solo exhibitions include the University of Wyoming Art Museum,(Tabled Reports) and the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, (interactive installation, Flying Carpet, and fibers, 2007).
Branta€™s work embraces the use of the absurd and humor and cites the plays and philosophy of Bertold Brecht as a major influence. Izlia Fernandez is currently in her last semester at Florida International University, where she will be receiving her Batchelor in Fine Arts in Drawing. Has taught at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, The San Francisco Art Institute, and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Born in South Florida of Haitian parents and, after graduating from Miamia€™s Design Architecture School, received a BA in Architecture in 2003 and BFA in Visual Arts in 2005--- both from Florida International University. Emmy Mathis is currently obtaining her Masters in Fine Arts in Visual art at Florida International University. Glexis Novoa renders cityscapes and their instruments of conflict like peering into a curio cabinet and coming face-to-horizon with societal apocalypse in miniature. Charo Oquet, a native of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is a Miami-based artist whose work spans painting to photagraphy, performance to installation.
Ernesto Oroza (Havana, 1968) Lives and works in Aventura, Florida Instituto Superior de DiseA±o (Higher Institute of Design).
As an artist, Brian Reedy has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally for the past 15 years.
Brady Robinson received her BFA in photography from The Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland and her MFA in photography from Cranbrook Art Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Maricel Ruiz achieved her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Florida International University in 2007. Over the past 12 years Claudia's artwork has been featured in numerous solo and group gallery and museum exhibitions. Claudia taught drawing and painting for 6 years at Miami-Dade Community Collegea€™s Wolfson Campus and at University of Miami as an adjunct instructor.
Over the last decade, Valdivieso has exhibited internationally in various museums, galleries, and art fairs.
Valdiviesoa€™s work is private collections, including: Liza and Arturo Mosqueraa€™s, Mario CA?der-Frecha€™s, Francie Bishop Gooda€™s, and Steve Lanstera€™s. In Valdiviesoa€™s words: a€?For many years, Ia€™ve been working with pieces, from which audience could create personal lectures beginning from nonsense, fantasy and, social facts in the contemporary world, using photography, club design, graphics, animation, video, and electronic music as my media. I like to associate objects, like crashed cars, graffiti, allegories, or urban landscapes in different environments where, human vision is shown beyond any anguish from attachments of present values as Capitalism for example. My work is an attempt to build computer-based works as art pieces beneath a mask of impeccability, fantasy, coldness and simplicity. Pip Brant has degrees from the University of MontanaA  (BFA) and the University of Wyoming. Recent venues for solo exhibitions include the University of Wyoming Art Museum,(Tabled Reports) and the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, (interactive installation, Flying Carpet, and fibers, 2007).A  Another solo exhibit with paintings was exhibited at the Deluxe Arts Gallery in April of 2007. This famous attraction took places from a deal between the Oslo’s authorities and the sculptor Gustav Vigeland. Description: For twenty years the life of the Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland has been devoted to its open air masterpiece. Iacopo I.During a boring Sunday some years ago I spent some times in the dismissed woodworking factory owned first by my family. All photography copyrights are exclusively held by the respective photographers and their representatives.

Contact the United movoment of Pixels staff using the contact page for any request or information. In 2003 she won the South Florida Cultural Consortium for Visual and Media arts for her works in fiber, Tabled Reports. Among them :Chicago Art 1945-1995 at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Paisajes de Ida y Vuelta, Museo del Chopo, Mexico City, Illinois State Museum, Solo Exhibition, Museo de Arte Moderno Mexico City, Islip Museum among others. Among them the collection at the Fort Lauderdale Art Museum, The Levi Foundation in San Francisco, Harris Bank, Chicago, Harold Washington Public Library in Chicago, Miami Dade College, Wabash College, Rudy Lozano LibraryA  in Chicago and many more.a€? Fuego de Tierraa€? is in the collection of MOMA, NY, GuggenheimA  Museum, Yale University, San Francisco Art Institute and many other public Institutions around the world. She has held three solo exhibitions in South Florida, as well as participating in various local and international group exhibitions from 2000 to 2007, including such venues as Hunter College in New York, Miamia€™s Frost Art Museum, Sao Paulo Brazil, and Art Miami. He studied at the National School of Art, Havana and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME.
After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern Illinois University in 1993, he moved to Florida one year later to earn his Masters at the University of Miami.
Some of her most recent group shows inlcude the Farside Gallery in Miami, South Florida Art Center on Miami Beach, the galleries of Miami-Dade Community College, Roder Studio on Hornby Island in British Columbia, and at the University of West Australia. Yantisa€™ is planning several collaborative works for upcoming season, and will be curator for an invitational printmaking show and a university exhibition. Other Miami shows include 2008a€? Beadsa€? at The Bakehouse Art Complex and The a€?Master Mystery Art Showa€? Art Basel Event.A  Her work has been published in the a€?Women Arts Journala€?, Editor Dr.
If visited with the warm sun and the deep blue sky of late sprigs it could be so nice to be compared with the top of the Mediterranean touristic cities. The Vigelandsparken was chosen as the space to devote to the works of the sculptor following the decision of the municipality to demolish the building where the sculptor’s studio was located. The Frogner Park is an extraordinary place to visit, to rest and to find extraordinary inspirations. This specie is well known due to its characteristic position, and it’s commonly known as the Praying Mantis.
Danger signs, saws, working instruments and a lot of dust… Everything left at their own place since the last working days. Francescaa€™s penetrating paintings on curved and distressed plywood persistently evoke the turbulent nature socialogical events, and their effect on the human soul. He attended Florida International University and the European Graduate School in Switzerland. His work has appeared in Artnews, New York Times, Miami Herald, Artpapers, and Art in America among many other publications.
Reedy was bestowed the Award for Outstanding Teaching at University of Miami, where he served as an adjunct professor until 2001.
A Maricel loves all forms of artistic expression and shares her love of art with children as a part-time art instructor.
Graduated in 1988, Escuela Nacional de Ballet de la Havana (National Ballet A School-Havana), Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA) (National Art School), Cuba, where he got the degree of Dancer Superior Middle Level Professor of the Professional Ballet Education. It is not so wide, enough to be visited by bicycle but at the same time it is full of wonderful places to see.
Since 1924, for about twenty years until his death, Vigeland produced a series of masterpieces that came to adorn the open spaces of the park and his house, now a museum. He was awarded the Fall 2007 Florida International University Fine Art scholarship for an outstanding body of work in November, 2007.
Morenoa€™s work has been shown at the North Miami MoCA, CCA Glasgow, the Ulrich Museum, MAC, The Frost Museum, Bass Museum, The Moore Space, Frederic Snitzer Gallery, Kevin Bruk Gallery, Derek Eller Gallery, Vilma Gold Gallery in London, Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angeles, Luis Adelantado Gallery in Valencia, CuArto Nivel Foundation in Bogota, and most recently at the Haifa Museum in Israel and the Institute of Visual Arts in Milwaukee.

Group exhibitions at Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami, Florida 2007, Hollywood Center of Arts and Culture 2007, Hollywood, Florida, Aqua Fair 2007 Art Basel, Miami, Florida. His work has been featured at Annina Nosei Gallery in New York, Roder studio in British Columbia, the Lowe Art Museum in Miami, as well as galleries in Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and St.
A She dedicates her time to contribute to the art community in Miami and aspires to have the opportunity to share her passion with the much larger community of the World. Artist Fellowship 84, 85 and 86.A  She received a BFA from Florida International University.
Cycling through the typical moderate and orderly traffic from downtown to north shortly is possible to find the Frognerparken better known as Vigeland Sculpture Park, from the name of the famous Norwegian sculptor. The artist has exhibited at prestigious venues throughout the US, Latin America, and Europe.
Moton Elementary, a magnet school for the arts that awarded him Teacher of the Year in 2007-2008. On 2003-4, she was granted an artist grant by the South Florida Cultural Consortium, and on 2005 a Community Grant for the project Talking Head Transmitters. Moreno was awarded the Leo and Raye Chestler Contemporary Visual Arts Award in 2006 and the Emilio Sanchez Visual Artists Award given by the Oscar B.
His work has been purchased by countless private collectors, and belongs to several permanent university collections such as University of Tasmania, University of West Australia, and California State University at Long Beach to name a few. Major international art fairs have featured Reedya€™s work, such as the Grammercy in New York, Nova in Chicago, and Bridge and Scope in Miami. Within his trainning in contemporary dance the professors to be found among others are Marianela BoA?n, Lourdes Ulacia, Jeremy Nelson, David Zambrano, Irene Hultman, Bo Madvig. Having had a noticeable participation in the Biennials of Havana, Venice, and the Caribbean, where his work has been awarded and rewarded with favorable reviews by a host of international critics . In 1992 he was guest performer in the Danzahoy Company; during this year he was professor in classical dancing technique in the Dance Superior Institute, Caracas - Venezuela. Also his work were included in the First Cultural Festival of the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) countries, Santo Domingo Museum of Modern Art (MAM), October 2006.a€?Mr.
His texts have appeared in catalogues for international exhibitions, such as Uncertain States of America!
Co-director and teacher in the Experimental Forming Workshop Program of the Scenic Arts and Neodanza, 1992-2000. Also his work were included in the First Cultural Festival of the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) countries, Santo Domingo Museum of Modern Art (MAM), October 2006.Mr.
In the year 2000 he was guest choreographer to the Zagrebacki Plesni Ansambl ZPA (Zagreb Dance Company) and to the Zagrebacko Kazaliste Mladih ZKM (Zagreb - Croatia). Guest choreographer to the Rajatabladanza Company in the years 2000 and 2001, Caracas-Venezuela.
In the present he is a teacher in the V Clasic Dance Technique Class and in the IV Staging Workshop of the Dance University Institute of Caracas, Venezuela.
He has also dedicated to the lighting design of his plays and of other A young choregraphers of the country. He has given improv, ballet and choreographic composition workshops in different academies and international festivals: 2000 Conference on the choreographic composition of the author.

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