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There are various types of Christian tattoos, among which the angel wings, praying hands, cross and Jesus tattoos are the most common.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Grim Reaper Tattoos, Life Death Tattoos, Hindu Tattoos and Floral Tattoos. A cross paired with the face of Christ is a perfect religious tattoo as it contains all the essential elements of Christianity.
Originally being an elaborate piece of art, the tattoo artist must be credited for producing this masterpiece in a small area. This precisely drawn tattoo of Christ will look awesome on biceps and even as a side tattoo. This alluring tattoo wonderfully depicts the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a perfect religious tattoo. Show your sympathy and faith for Jesus by imprinting this simple yet striking tattoo on your hand or chest. The praying hands tattoo is a very popular religious tattoo in Christianity and it is inked by many who have complete faith in God.
Angel wings tattoos resemble spirituality and protection and they are tremendously popular among teenage girls. A brilliantly drawn tattoo of a wooden cross will look gorgeous on thighs as well as hands. Angel tattoos often depict the angel kneeling on the ground with the face hidden; this type of tattoo may be drawn to show victory over adverse situations. A classic way of keeping important dates and event close to your heart, this wonderful and colorful memorabilia sets an example of a perfect tattoo. Imprint a few verses from the Holy book on your body to maintain positivity and mental strength in your life.
A fascinating and intricately designed foot tattoo like this will definitely attract all attention towards you.

Impart a new style to your tattoo by drawing it in the form of a comic to make it more visually appealing and unique.
Grace your hands with a lovely tattoo like this to flaunt your trust and faith in God and His blessings.
Let God’s blessing be always with you by getting your arm inked with this awesome Christ tattoo.
A unique tattoo of Christ’s crucifixion, this tattoo will definitely help you show off your creative bend of mind.
A fabulous work of art, this elaborate back tattoo is a perfect recreation of the masterpiece. Let your back be the home to a wonderful last supper tattoo like this, so that you can show your spiritual bend of mind with a bit of creativity. Reveal your spirituality by getting your leg inked with this simple yet beautiful Christ tattoo. A unique and exclusive tattoo of Christ, this tattoo is perfect for drawing in small area like your hand or leg.
A wonderful amalgamation of angle wings and the cross, this tattoo is a perfect example of spiritual tribute. Utilize minimum space on your body by getting your legs or hands inked with this beautiful Christ tattoo.
Create magic with this eloquent and unique Christ body art that depicts his blessings and sufferings at the same time. Beat your fears with this tattoo which depicts that faith and fear are both blessings of God.
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Although many people ink their body with spiritual Christianity related tattoos, you need not follow the same designs. For instance, you can opt for a simple Jesus Christ’s face or a cross to cover limited space of your body with the tattoo. Just like other forms of popular tattoos like tribal body art, you can also experiment with and flaunt your creative bend of mind with spiritual tattoos of Christianity. On the other hand, if you like elaborate tattoos on your back or side, you can go for intricately designed works of art like large angel wing tattoos or Last Supper tattoos. You can opt for unique Christianity body arts like the Last Supper, a fallen angel, tattoos with memories or even amalgamated tattoos, which contain more than one spiritual element in them. However no matter what tattoo you choose, make sure that it depicts your spiritual emotions perfectly.
It must contain all the elements that you have in your mind and which will best define your spiritual needs.

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