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As we all know wallpaper is an image used as a background on a computer screen, usually for the desktop of a graphical user interface.
Web developer juice passionately delivers latest news and tricks for designers and web-developers on all subjects of design, ranging from; CSS, Ajax, Jquery, web design, graphics, typography.
Find out what's happening, right now on Twitter, follow us to know more, we cover the top web developer news. At work we often are forced to spend hours each day staring at screens in order to get our job done.
One must therefore consider: are there any potentially dangerous side effects of using all these devices?
The short term effects of using a PC are unquestionable, but are there any dangerously irreversible long term effects on our eyes?
UPDATE: This article was written in 2011, and whilst there is still no conclusive evidence that suggests prolonged exposure to screens can cause irreversable damage to the eyes, there is a growing body of evidence which suggests that looking at screens too closely and for too often may well cause eye problems in later life.
Our back and neck are especially vulnerable, due to the large amount of time we spend sitting down in one position.
In fact, repetitive strain injury is such a big issue, it is estimated that its annual cost to UK industry is between 5 and 20 billion pounds! Despite its potentially harmful effects on the body, computers cause no proven long term damage to your eyes.
To help yourself avoid the short term computer-related symptoms of eye strain, my best advice is take regular breaks. Founder and editor of Technology Bloggers, Christopher likes learning and enjoys writing on the blogs diverse range of topics. See, how many headaches have I prevented today, Priya has taken a break, you have too and so have I!
I have no any scientific study or resources to prove this, but for some reason I believe that it is possible for computers to cause long term effects particularly on the vision of an individual.
Consistently I am off my desk and also out of my office to take a look at some trees or green stuff. We were made to believe that television, computer screens, and the likes can damage our eyesight.
I have recently been having eye strain issues because I am at my desk now more then in the past. It’s difficult to follow the advice of taking short breaks every hour or every two hours when we are so engrossed with what we are doing.
I’ve been staring at my computer for almost the whole day, surfing the net, playing world of warcraft, reading blogs, etc.
You wrote it so simply and cleanly and cleared the doubts of many peop as well who thought computer screens can have long term adverse effects. And I read the same suggestion regarding taking breaks from computer for 5-10 minutes at another article as well and I would surely try to implement it from now as I have to work for hours on my laptop. I’ve always subscribed to the theory that the larger your screen is, the easier it is on your eyes.
When I read the title of your article I was afraid that you were going to give us bad news about out eyes. Thanks for your interesting comment, welcome to the Technology Bloggers commenting community! I have another great tips to share here: remember to keep changing your sitting and typing posture every 10-20 minutes.

Learn more about me here and how I became a "poker tells" coach to a World Champion and that time I played in a KISS cover band! Interestingly, it is with our eyes that we make most judgements about people when we talk to them, yet it is the very same eyes that betray our feelings and judgements. Have you ever known why, for example, clubs and romantic restaurants are usually dimly lit?
When you look into someone’s eyes, it is easy to notice whether they are excited or irritated.
You may may want to call it manipulation, or deception considering that everyone will look happy and excited, when in fact they may not be, but that really depends on your perspective of things.
Many celebrity photos, or the female models on the magazine covers, are taken with the eyebrows raised. One cannot help but mention that although eyes body language skills are very important, it is easy to be misled. For a more accurate understanding of communication, perhaps it is important to understand all elements of communication  because you will have to analyse a number of gestures in order to make a sound judgement. At home, many of us choose to use computers, games consoles, and televisions – although they all seem to be merging into one. Word and Excel vs the dreaded filing cabinates, it’s an easy decision for many of us! We all get headaches from time to time, and computers are probably the cause of some of them. Even with good posture, sitting in the same position for hours on end is not good for your body, that’s why we have muscles, bones and joints! Many office workers will at some point experience this, in either their wrists or hands, due to the nature of typing and using a mouse. Symptoms like sore eyes, blurred vision and a change in colour perception are usually only short term, and clear within hours of leaving the screen.
Get a drink, go to the loo or just have a wander around every 30-40 minutes and you should be able to avoid such symptoms altogether. But its very important to take regular intervals from sitting in one position, move around a bit, do a bit of neck rotation exercises , etc.
People suggest some time break while working but several times we don’t care about this. Actually, I kept on telling my mom that I can’t really afford to lose my eyes because this is one of my important investment for me to my career. I am starting to notice that I am having an issue looking at things close up, having a hard time focusing. It’s advised to take a 20-sec break for every 20 minutes of using the computer by focusing your eyes on something else.
Very glad to hear that I don’t have to be concerned about long term damage from looking at my screen all day!
I guess with most inventions like that you could question, is it really aimed at improving the health of your eyes, or is it a money making scheme? Apart from that, blink your eyes more often because you will usually blink less often when you’re staring at the computer screen.
Here's a little about me:I'm a conversion optimization consultant and host of the Online Marketing for Profits podcast. Whenever we converse with people, our eyes say a lot about what we are thinking, or feeling at that time.

Although there are many conventional explanations to eyes body language, most of the time people understand your behavior intuitively, often even sub-consciously. This is also automatic and we have no control over the behavior of the pupil in this manner. The feelings or the attitude of a person at this time has no bearing on this dilation of the pupils. The truth is that since the beginning of time, dim lighting has been known to be the perfect setting for romantic restaurants. Since these photos are usually appealing to men, perhaps we can say that raised eyebrows are romantic too. Lowering the eyelids shows a lot of submissiveness, sometimes what is referred to as suggestiveness. Often, when working at a screen for prolonged periods of time, many of us also get eye strain. I can see clearly the writings on the blackboard even if I am at the far side of the classroom. Sounds funny, because I really know the importance of my eyes and yet I don’t even bother to take care of them.
Though I think it is still best to minimize our eyes’ exposure to these screens just to be safe. Yet to another person, you will appear to be excited or aroused just because your pupils are larger. When both eyebrows are raised, for example, it is an indication of friendliness, sometimes associated with submissiveness, especially in women.
Well, if you want to send your boyfriend a photo of you, you may well consider raising your eyebrows a little. People who do this are usually considered extremely sexy by members of the opposite sex, although it is actually because they seem to look like easier prey, even loose.
This is usually associated with the strict boss at work demanding and reprimanding his staff. Some behaviors mean different things in different contexts, and it is easy to misunderstand a person. Even when we are on the go, many of us carry phone with us, to keep us up to date and in sync, whilst we are out and about. But after I became addicted to computer games which I spent more than 8 hours a day playing, the quality of my vision gradually reduces, meaning, getting blurry as time passes by. And i think that it’s time for me to go to the doctor to have some check up and a vacation. This, basically, is the idea behind dimly lit restaurants and clubs, and it works quite well.
And because of that habit, I can feel the damage in my eyes plus the serious pain because of my migraine. I only promote resources, products and services I truly believe will provide you with incredible value.

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