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Tattoo by Uncle AllanWhen Americans think of Denmark, images of Vikings and Brigitte Nielsen come to mind; a mythic country that has exported Legos, Lars Von Trier, and Lars Ulrich. Since this was my first tat, I wanted to keep it really simple, that's the reason for the minimalistic design.. Co-owner Amalie, aka Princess Inferno, keeps everything running smoothly, all the while making her fabulous hats and accessories.
I had a chance to meet Allan and Amalie at this last London Tattoo Convention, and they were a blast.

It's always cool when artists whose work you really dig end up being just as awesome (despite their love for watching "How I met your Mother" on DVD). Check more on his blog.Tattoo by Uncle AllanAlso, rockin the traditional and neo-traditional tattoo work is German-born Eckle, who joined the Conspiracy crew in the summer of 2009. 24-28, he'll be at London's Frith Street Tattoo.]Tattoo by EckleFor trippy animated art, there's Electric Pick whose work I'll be featuring in my upcoming monster tattoo book called "Color Bomb" [to be released in September, following the series of encyclopedic volumes published by Edition Reuss].
As you can see from the photos stolen from his site below, he shows how the work is sketched out on the body and then posts the finished tattoo.

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