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There are many religious designs available for body art however if you are looking for some that will adequately express your faith but also keep you on trend then how about considering bible verse tattoos? Many tattoo designs of this type are very inspirational and deliver a strong and powerful message. We hope our photograph inspire you to be applied for your beautiful tattoo.There are 7 breathtaking photographs more that you can see below including Tattoo Bible Verse For Girl image, Creative Bible Scripture Tattoo image, Bible Verse Tattoos Designs image, Star Bible Verse Tattoos image, Simple Tattoo Bible Verse image, Bible Verse Tattoo On Hand image, and other. Tattoo designs that consist of words rather than images are big news right now so if you want one that clearly makes a statement about you and your beliefs then all you need to do is decide on the verse that suits you best.

However, the ten commandments are also popular with religious tattoo enthusiasts and without quoting them all, you are sure to find one that suits your purpose perfectly if you check out Exodus 20:3-17. If you are looking for body art that fits this criteria you may want to consider this short but succinct verse from Philippians 4:13. You could even have these created in a stone tablet effect rather than just the words inked directly on the skin as an alternative way to bible verse tattoos that consist of text only.
As Jesus proclaimed his message for the world to hear, Christians are now using body art to the same effect and John 14: 6 is perfect to echo his sentiments with I am the way and the truth and the life.

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