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Start this first step by drawing the top lining of your top lip that you will be sketching out in this tutorial. Here you will draw the bottom half of the top lip and be sure to sketch in the definition and contours to the lip and or mouth like so.
Lightly draw in the bottom part of the bottom lip like so, and since I was inspired by Angelina Jolie's lips, sketch in that well defined crease in the center of the bottom lip like you see here.
I don't know why I decided to draw this piece, but I think it's because of the movie Krull came to mind randomly before I started the sketch.
Glitter tattoos are becoming really big and there is more than a few videos on Youtube that give you examples as well as tutorials on where to purchase, put on or apply, and even make your very own glitter lips or other glitter tattoo ideas.

Choose a color or pattern to start adding some of your personal touches to these luscious set of lips. Anyways, this is a simple tattoo design that I will call "how to draw a lips tattoo", step by step. There is one product that is on the market called 'Violent Lips', and this product was invented by Isabella and Sophia Haddad.
This lesson will show you how to make your own glitter tattoo lips just by drawing a full set of lips.
To glitterize the lips on paper, all you have to do is apply a light coat of Elmer's glue, wet or in stick form, and then sprinkle some glitter or small diamonds on the drawing of the lips you just made by using this tutorial.

No matter what you like, there is no doubt that you will enjoy drawing a glitter tattoo of your own.
You can check out some of the products that Violent Lips just by going to their website, check them out because I'm sure all you girls out there will like what you see.

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