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If you’ve managed to avoid all the hoopla surrounding the release of David Fincher’s Gone Girl then kudos to you, but we also wonder if you’ve hidden your head under a rock?
The movie opened in the US last week and (according to Box Office Mojo) made almost US$38 million in its opening weekend.
Fincher made headlines earlier this year, when it was revealed he’d shot the film on the 6K RED Dragon with DP Jeff Cronenweth. Two-time Academy-Award Nominee, Baxter worked closely with his editorial team, made up of Tyler Nelson (Baxter’s long-time assistant editor), Peter Mavromates (Post Supervisor) and Jeff Brue of Open Drives (Post Engineer). The team had successfully cut a Calvin Klein commercial (with Rooney Mara) on Premiere, which caused them to take a second look as to whether the Adobe’s NLE software could support the demands of a two-and-a-half hour feature film. Using Nvidia’s Quadro K5200 GPU’s on customised HP Z820 workstations, Jeff Brue was tasked with designing a storage system that would enable Premiere to work quickly and efficiently within a 6K feature film pipeline. Peter Mavromates assumed the role of managing the pipeline, helping determine the post-production goals, and managing the visual effects work.
Trying to keep all his bases covered, Fincher had shot multiple takes of scenes changing minute details, such as reframing, stabilisation, or even split-screening to remove an extra breath.
Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) finds himself the chief suspect behind the shocking disappearance of his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike), on their fifth anniversary. The team also did much of the visual effects work in-house, which allowed them to work in parallel with the editing. No time to rest though, as there’s always another project in production that needs preparation before the post team take over. On the eve of Stu’s (Ed Helms) wedding in Thailand, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Doug (Justin Bartha), and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) convince the normally mild-mannered dentist to join them for one last drink on the beach. Special Features include an unauthorized documentary about footage they didn't want you to see from the making of the film, a featurette on the creative process of director Todd Phillips' vision through the eyes of the cast, extra footage of Crystal the monkey and a politically incorrect tour of Bangkok with Mr. The film is, of course, a remake of the 1985 film directed by Tom Holland and starring Chris Sarandon and Roddy McDowell. Talking place in Las Vegas, it tells the story of a teenager named Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin), who, after noticing that his classmates have been disappearing, has reason to believe that his new next door neighbor, the charismatic Jerry (Farrell), is a vampire. The airy plot involves six of the Smurfs, tiny computer generated blue creatures with hats and boots, getting magically transported from their fairy tale village of mushroom huts to New York City. The Smurfs™ Fantastic Adventure Game - Help Clumsy race through the village and Central Park to stop Gargamel and his evil plans! In the film, we meet a young woman named Rhoda Williams (Brit Marling), whose dreams of becoming an astrophysicist were shattered after getting into a car accident and inadvertently causing the deaths of a woman and her little boy. The film intercuts backstage interviews and fan testimonials with footage from the Glee Live!
Featuring everyone’s favorite Glee stars including Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Dianna Agron, Darren Criss, Mark Salling, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris and the rest of the Glee cast. Sterling Archer, the world’s most dangerous spy, and his snarky ISIS cohorts are back for another outrageously raunchy season when ARCHER The Complete Second Season comes to Blu-ray and DVD on December 27th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. When he’s not busy foiling eco-terrorist threats, tracking down mysterious killers, or having sex in x-ray machines, the suave master-spy has his hands full with bikini-clad ninjas, Swiss nymphomaniacs, and paternity suits. As the film begins, the firm, which is unnamed but is said to be loosely based on Lehman Brothers, has just seen 80% of its employees laid off.
Special features include director and producer commentary tracks, the making of Margin Call, moments with the cast and crew, a photo gallery and deleted scenes.
The film begins with a keen perception of ordinary surfaces, the simple act of touch, and the common practice of mild coughing.
The ads have already revealed that Beth has been infected and will die upon her return to Minneapolis. Special features include The Reality of Contagion, with cast and experts discussing the real life possibilities, The Contagion Detectives, a featurette on the stars preparing for the film, and another featurette on how a virus changes the world.
Jason Sudeikis is Eric, a thirty-something party animal famous among his close circle of friends for his lavish summer theme parties at his father's swanky Hamptons pad.
These two books provide readers with a fascinating inside look at the filmmaking art, and a wealth of knowledge that they can apply to their own work.
This book covers the complex craft of cinematography (motion picture photography) through interviews with well-known cinematographers. Mike Goodridge is the editor of Screen International and has been writing about film for over twenty years. Tim Grierson is a film and music critic whose writing has appeared in Screen International, L.A.

This book employs stills and screenshots to show how an editor created a scene with the filmmaker and explores the complex relationship between a director who has just shot a movie and the editor who must complete the director's vision.
Justin Chang is senior film critic at Variety, editing and overseeing the paper's film reviews.
Now we’ve heard it was cut on Adobe Premiere Pro CC by Australian editor, Kirk Baxter ACE and is the first major Hollywood feature film cut entirely in Premiere. Largely due to the software’s integration with After Effects, allowing multiple editors and VFX artists to work on the same project. Kirk Baxter worked on the edit relying on Tyler Nelson and others on the editorial team to navigate the technicalities of working on the pipeline.
This gave the editing team plenty of material to work with and the result of all that meticulous detailed work, is a film where just about every shot seems flawless. Because the programs are integrated (Dynamic Link) whenever Nelson saved a composition, it automatically updated in Baxter’s timeline. But due to their strong working relationships and shared vision they managed to whittle down the footage and allow the story to unfold. With further release dates later this year for Italy, African countries, India, Japan and other parts of the world. All in all, a nice release for Blu-ray, giving this cult classic the hi-def treatment it deserves.
We, of course, already know this to be true, but we still anticipate the moment he will get some proof.
I grant you that most adults are unlikely to get much out of it, although they might smile in acknowledgment at a few well-placed cultural references, including those to the original Peyo comic strips. In hot pursuit is the evil wizard Gargamel (Hank Azaria), who needs the Essence of Smurf to create a magical potion that will make him invincible.
Not only did she foolishly get behind the wheel after a night of drinking and partying, she also became distracted by the sudden appearance of the planet, shining in the night sky like a blue star.
But as soon as she knocks on his door, she loses her nerve, and instead pretends to be a maid offering a trial service.
GLEE: THE CONCERT MOVIE features fan favorite hits recorded live from the sold-out nationwide concert.
Loaded with three exclusive top-secret animated shorts, ARCHER The Complete Second Season features all 13 episodes plus hilarious never-before-seen extras! We don’t physically see the data, but we do hear a lot of complicated fiscal jargon attempting to make sense of it.
A credit card passes from one hand to another before the bartender taps on her electronic keypad.
She initially complains of jetlag and a headache, but by the time she gets home, she will collapse and have what appears to be a seizure. But when members of the crew start settling down, and Eric's dad announces plans to sell the beach house, Eric decides it's time for one last bash to go out with a proverbial bang—a good old-fashioned orgy. The theatrical cuthas a run time of approximately 95 minutes and has been rated R for pervasive strong sexual content, graphic nudity and language.
Look no further than the FilmCraft Series, the latest books in filmmaking featuring a visually stunning look at each topic through the eyes of respected professionals in each field. The book also features extraordinary photos and in-depth exploration of contemporary projects, such as Memoirs of a Geisha, Chicago, and Nine.'Cinematography' gives readers exclusive access to lauded professionals, providing them with the perspective to think like professionals and create a compelling visual story. He is an accomplished critic and has written for many outlets including The Times, The Independent, The Evening Standard, El Mundo in Spain, and Sight & Sound.
This  workflow kept the shots looking cleaner and eliminated having to go back-and-forth or updating each of the team member’s timelines. Whilst at the same time giving the Creative Cloud video workflow through its absolutely most rigorous use case ever. But when their exploration leads them to vengeful gangsters, cigarette-smoking monkeys, and the return of an old criminal kingpin, remembering their drunken mishaps will be the first thing they’ll want to forget. Although there’s no question that a 2D projection would have been much brighter, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that, even during the shadowy scenes, I could clearly see what was going on. Lo and behold, he breaks into Jerry’s house and discovers a hidden door in the back of his closet, which leads to a small hallway and a series of holding cells, behind which lie victims in waiting. I personally find the idea of Smurfs trying to blend in with taxi billboards funny, especially when one of them promotes the Blue Man Group while the other advertises Blu-ray discs. The Smurfs cross paths with Patrick Winslow (Harris), a newly promoted advertising executive for a cosmetics company.

Now a ex-con desperate to avoid any contact with people, she’s determined to somehow do right by the sole survivor of the crash, whose life she irrevocably changed. She then begins a regular weekly schedule, and although he pays her, she does not cash the checks. The latter were surprisingly disappointing, in large part because director Kevin Tancharoen set aside almost no time for them. It essentially boils down to this: Their firm, as well as the entire market, is headed for disaster. The only obstacles to overcome are actually convincing each of his reluctant friends to join in on the festivities, and an inconveniently blossoming romance with the real estate agent threatening to sell the house out from under him before the main event can even take place.
He is is a member of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the London Film Critics Circle, and FIPRESCI. Perhaps it helps that the film was actually shot with a 3D camera system, as opposed to it being shot in 2D and then converted in post production.
The trouble is, no one will heed Charley’s warnings to stay away from Jerry, not his single mom, Jane (Toni Collette), or his girlfriend, Amy (Imogen Poots).
His pregnant wife, Grace (Jayma Mays), immediately falls for the Smurfs, and indeed, their disproportionate heads and round eyes make them surprisingly cute. We see much of the principal cast, all incredibly talented, singing at one point or another. What little he does provide us with is hampered by the fact that the actors remain in character. Later that night, when many of the employees are out at a bar, Peter plugs in the drive, takes one look at his computer screen, and is immediately disturbed by what he finds.
The rest of the film depicts an emergency meeting at the office, one that will last the entire night. We later learn that the average person will touch his or her face three to five times every waking minute, while in between come into contact with everyday objects and other people. Before joining Variety in 2004, he was a freelance entertainment writer for the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times. I will not go so far as to say that I felt completely immersed, but I know this much is true: The demise of a vampire is a lot more fun when blood flies directly at the camera. The lead human character, played by Neil Patrick Harris, eventually laments about how annoying the song is. Patrick is under pressure from his overbearing boss, Odile (Sofia Vergara), to create the perfect ad campaign; if he fails, he will be fired.
This would include Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, and Heather Morris, among others. He calls a fellow analyst, Seth (Penn Badgley), who then contacts their supervisor, Will (Paul Bettany), who in turn contacts his boss, Sam (Kevin Spacey). Other employees, including the easily mocked Jared Cohen (Simon Baker) and a senior executive named Sarah Robertson (Demi Moore), analyze the data as completed by Peter – and of course, they come to the same inescapable conclusions. Later still, we watch a woman named Beth (Gwyneth Paltrow) lives it up in a Hong Kong casino during a business trip; she blows on dice for good luck, handles martini glasses, and breathes in the same tight spaces as other gamblers.
Her husband, Mitch (Matt Damon), spends most of the film exasperated, bewildered, and strangely disconnected from those closest to him, including his teenage daughter, Jory (Anna Jacoby-Heron). The Smurfs, meanwhile, await the rising of a blue moon, which will enable them to go home, along with a little act of magic. Although I’m not germophobic, these scenes made me more aware of my tactile encounters and reminded me that regular hand washing is a good habit.
ARCHER was created by Adam Reed and Floyd County Productions and is executive produced by Reed and Matthew Thompson.
This would be John Tuld (Jeremy Irons), who likes to speak in condescending simple terms and insists on those around him doing the same. But their journey takes yet another tragic turn as they face their final curtain and attempt to fulfill their destiny of going out in a blaze of glory!

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