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A lion head tattoo is more common than a full body lion with the shoulders and scapulas being the most common spots to get this tattoo.
This type of lion tattoos have their origin in The Bible, with the lion symbol often being associated with Jesus.
Tribal lion tattoos, lion head tattoos, Chinese lion tattoos and rampant lion tattoos are some of the most common varieties of lion tattoos for men.
The heart of a lion tattoos are simple lion tattoos with the words “heart of a lion” inked around the picture. In these tattoos, the lion is often combined with a heart or flowers to make them look feminine. These tattoos emphasize the facial expression of the animal and have similar symbolic meaning as the lion head tattoos.
A roaring tattoo shows the wearer’s desire to make their power and authority known to the world. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Black Light Tattoos For 2013, Bow Wow Tattoos, Misspelled Tattoos and Mom Tattoos. Vivid details, stunning shading and clever designing make this lion tattoo a fascinating piece of art. Exquisite shading, intricate details and stunning expression make this lion tattoo a real masterpiece. Make a permanent stylish change to your personality with this lovely lion tattoo on the upper arm. Amazing lion tattoo done in bold black outline and accented with bright shades is fascinating and interesting.
Calm and serene side face of a lion on the upper arm means that you are a person who is in charge of your own strength and power.
Add a touch of power and strength to your personality with this amazing lion tattoo on the chest. Lovely tattoo design with the lion’s head and mane done in tribal patterns, is very attractive and fascinating. This charming lion looks majestic with a crown and it adds a touch of style to your outlook.

Exquisitely designed with amazing shading, this lion tattoo looks majestic and powerful on the upper arm. Carry yourself with authority and power wherever you go with this beautiful lion tattoo exquisitely inked on the side of the neck. This stunning tattoo of a calm and composed lion carries lots of hidden meanings that are special to the bearer.
Make your life special with this lovely lion tattoo that is inked with simple yet interesting details. Simple and elegant lion tattoo on the upper arm is attractive with beautiful tribal details. The king of the jungle will not only rule the jungle but also your life with this exquisite tattoo on the back. This amazing tattoo of a pouncing lion will show your strong and daring nature to the whole world.
Beautiful lion tattoo looks exquisite with the flag and it show your strong love for your country. Show your powerful and strong character to the whole world with this tattoo of a calm and composed lion. Fill your life with powerful love and passion with this amazing tattoo of a pouncing lion on the back. This exquisite tattoo of a ferocious lion will let you face all the challenges in life with courage. Cool and stylish, this lion tattoo on the upper arm looks attractive with lovely details and shading. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Famous phrases from the film, like “remember who you are”, often features alongside the pictures.
The Lion of Judah has great importance for the Rastafaris and are often inked in green, yellow and red.
They make a permanent change to your personality making you stylish, special and attractive forever. The red tear drop at the corner of the lion’s eye accentuates its ferocious expression.

The multiple symbolisms have made the king of the jungle a popular subject for animal tattoos. Tattoos come in different forms and shapes and each carries a special meaning that is significant to the bearer.
Lion tattoo was used to symbolize authority, power and royalty in many tribes across the world. In addition to representing supremacy, it is also a creature that is known for its courage and pride.While some tattoos feature lions baring their teeth and appearing ferocious, others present their calm and peaceful side. We spent hours scouring the Web for the hottest pieces of inspiration to generate this list of the twenty most original lion tattoos around:In a Biblical sense, a lion is considered to be a creature that defends the weak and watches over those with lesser strength than itself.
Tiger, lion, bird, fish, elephant and cheetah are some of the common animal tattoo designs. The lion tattoo offers endless possibilities of designs and is a common and popular choice among men. The following post has 36 amazing tattoo designs that features lion in different attractive styles. While they may hunt independently and separate from their children at times, both male and female lions eventually reunite with their children and mates over time. This colorful tattoo features a variety of colors with an ombre effect while still retaining the realistic facial features of a lion.
Lewis, this upper arm tattoo features a famous quotation from the book beneath Aslan’s image.
Featuring the lion in its natural habitat along with hummingbirds and a beautiful, flowing waterfall, there are few tattoos that are as visually captivating as this one.The lion is typically an excellent caretaker of its young.
While it may leave them alone in the wild while it’s out for a hunt, it always reunites with its cubs and provides food when possible.
This tattoo pays homage to Scottish heritage while also leaving its wearer with feelings of power and superiority that are frequently associated with the lion.

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