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Christian Stadil is the owner of Hummel, the Danish sport and fashion brand with the bumblebee logo, and a tattoo addict. GALLERY: THE WORLD CUP DODGY HAIRCUT XI More pressing, however, is the World Cup, otherwise known as the most comprehensive showcase of tattoos the universe has ever seen. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Misspelling a word in an email is one thing but permanently tattooing it onto your body is quite another.
I thought, what about my back?'He said his family and friends' jaws dropped when they saw it.

It just looks so real,' he added.Mr O'Neill said the second sitting was particularly sore, but he refused pain-relieving gel in honour of Jesus. Unfortunately, as these hilarious pictures prove, many tattooists did not bother doing a spell check before inking their hapless clients. One man's 'awsome' tattoo was sadly less awesome than he intended when a crucial letter was missed out. A crown for his son, his sister’s name, and several Portuguese sayings to symbolise his youthful joy. His arms are adorned with Catholic images and dedications to his family, and the odd mess up: mainly his ink of his ex-wife Dina on his shoulder.
Dedications to his parents and siblings are alongside an eagle, Japanese characters, the World Cup 2010 and a ghoul holding a football.

The most prominent is a dedicated on his ribs to his fellow Argentinean and football idol, Diego Maradona, heading a ball, but a colourful ink of an evil clown on his shoulder is difficult to overlook. Prince has an AC Milan tattoo on one arm and a map of Africa with Ghana inscribed inside on the other. He also has an unusual tribute to his recurring knee injuries, a spider’s web inked on his left knee.

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