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Der Irish Setter ist freundlich, aufgeschlossen, intelligent, ausgeglichen und anhänglich. The name of these domestic dogs are derived from the purpose of their past wolf-hunting skills, and not for their outward appearance. The historical motto of the Irish wolfhounds describes it as “gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked”.
Irish wolfhounds are prone to quite many diseases like hip dysplasia, bloat, PRA, cardiomyopathy, bone cancer, Von Willebrands and osteosarcoma.
These dogs are ‘born-trained’, or in other words, born with the instinct to guard and protect their master and the whole family.
Originally, these dogs were war dogs that were used to pull men down off horseback or off chariots. Captain George Augustus brought the Irish wolfhounds back from being extinct in the mid 1800s, as he cross-breeded wolfhounds with other breeds like mastiffs, great danes and deerhounds.
In the breed of these hounds, color blue was one rare color, which was considered impermissible. For getting a healthy dog, it is advisable never to buy a puppy from any pet store, puppy mill, or an irresponsible breeder.
Skip Healy Deluxe Bb Fife this is the Deluxe model in African Blackwood and Sterling Silver by musician and craftsman Skip Healy.

Setter sind Hunde mit Jagdtrieb, sie haben einen sehr guten Geruchssinn und sind schnell und wendig.
They are also popularly known as Cu Faoil, which implies to different names like Irish hound, or simply hound, or, wolf dog and war dog, wherein cu refers to a respected prefix used for warriors and kings, which implies to how respectably they were treated in the past.
It has medium-length, rough coat covering its huge body and it needs to be groomed briskly and regularly with brush and comb. The daily quantity recommended is 4 to 8 cups of healthy and good-quality dry food per day, divided into two meals.
Otherwise, for their intelligence and alertness, Irish wolfhounds are able to pick up tricks easily, and can readily perceive what is asked of them, and are eager to please their owners.
In such cases, blue wolfhound puppies were put down during birth or the moment their color became distinct.
To put a check to this, the military man and political leader refused allowing the export of any more of this breed from Ireland. A reputable breeder is always desirable, who tests the breeding dogs in order to make sure they don’t carry any genetic diseases, which might in turn pass on to the baby wolfhounds.
This Claddagh`s distinctive design features two hands clasping a heart representing Love, the hands holding the heart represent Friendship and the crown represents Loyalty. Irish Wolfhound is a very old breed of dog, said to be as old as 7000 BC, the time when they “had been brought to Ireland”.

They are a very intelligent and generous breed of dogs with the virtues of patience, kindness and loyalty to the owner and family. It is necessary to take an Irish wolfhound puppy for walks everyday for the well-being of both their mind, and growing body.
It is also important to be sure from the breeders that, the dog to be bought possesses a sound temperament. They always try to please and impress their master and greet everyone in a friendly manner. It is not recommended to impose hard and forced exercise, since this might be too wearing for the dog, when it is young. In order to remove excess dead hair, plucking the dog’s coat once to twice a year can be done.
They tend to guard the individuals rather than guarding just the owner’s house or belongings.

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