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All of the images used on this website are found in various places throughout the internet and are believed to be within the public domain. If you think any content on this website infringes your copyright please let us know, and we will evaluate and possibly remove the images in question. During the reign of King Shaka (1816-1828), the Zulu became the mightiest military force in southern Africa, increasing their land holdings from 100 square miles to 11,500. Shaka was followed by Dingaan, who tentatively entered into treaties with English colonizers. Tourism: The private sector and government has realized, that the development of tourism is a important tool for creating jobs, and to bring instant foreign capital into the country. Political Systems: As is evident by the history of the Zulu, the leader, or chief, is invested with power based on his genealogy. Although the Zulu are officially ruled by the government of South Africa, they often act as a dissenting voice on the national scene. Zulu religion includes belief in a creator god (Nkulunkulu), who is above interacting in day-to-day human affairs.

African dance has traditionally played an important role in the culture from the tribes.South African Tribes DanceAfrican dances tend to explain the lives and feelings of the African individual, a couple or perhaps an entire community.
Much more than entertainment, dances communicate emotions, celebrate rites of passage, and help strengthen the bonds between members from the tribe as a whole. African dance is polycentric, which sets it aside from most other dance traditions on the planet. As explained by the National Museum of African Art, which means that the dancer’s body is segmented into separate regions of movement, with each area having the ability to move to different rhythms inside the music. Most African villages were built with a dance master who taught the people in the tribe from a young age how to perform the various dances. It had been very important that these dances be practiced exactly as taught, with no room for improvisation or ornamentation until complete mastery from the form was achieved. While many of the dances are polycentric in some way, different regions of Africa have very different dances. The Masai are recognized for leaping high in the air, for instance, while the Kalabari emphasize hip motions.

In every case, the movements are very precise, and also the same dances you see today have probably been danced the same way for centuries.
South African Tribes DanceThe African dances are classified on the basis of gender and deeply reinforce certain community structures like age, status, context and kinship.
South African Dance culture is integral in a country whose history is shot-through with types of dance as an expression of that life’s rich pageant provides. Warriors did it with spears and shields around the battlefield, and once the dust settled, women made it happen with a sexy shuffle within the shebeens or watering holes. The Nama people from the Northern Cape also have their very own, wild and fast-stepping, way of dancing known as the Nama Reel.

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