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The story itself is often modified and altered depending on the area where it originates from, but the moral is always the same: the bird does rise again and again. The mythology of the phoenix probably originated in India, where the immortal bird is called Garuda. The phoenix was often used in Catholic art as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ and life after death.
My colleague Tim Mask (this being his blog), had posted an article a few days ago about not allowing negative circumstances to overpower your brand.
After flying high for many years, SkyTel was bought by another communications giant headquartered in Mississippi – WorldCom. As the wireless world became more and more sophisticated, the market for paging became smaller and smaller. Its been my experience that in the lifecycle of companies, most all go through periods where you just quite simply lose your mojo.
This doesn’t mean you should get totally away from your culture and identity, but at the very least, freshen it up.
Consistency, consistency, consistency.  Ad agencies have preached this since the the beginning of ad agency-ness. Since the earliest times, the phoenix has been considered as a universal symbol of resurrection, rebirth and immortality.
The phoenix tattoos presented in this site show remarkable dexterity when it comes to artwork and color composition, and are sure to look great on anyone who wears them. Tattoos inked on the fragile body of female are beguiling and adds a angelic look of women.Phoenix tattoos are most ordinarily used tattoos for men and women,theses are celebrated due to phoenix simplicity and its long life.
The phoenix is a mythological firebird originating in Phoenician, Egyptian and Greek mythology.

In Japanese tattoos, the phoenix is often paired with the dragon, symbolizing Yin and Yang, female and male. The company was making a series of investments into new products and technology, particularly in the M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and telematics areas.
New, updated imagery, new ways of talking about your company, describing products, a different tone, etc. In Egyptian and Greek cultures, the daily death and rebirth of the sun as sunset and sunrise is represented by the phoenix. Phoenix could be a distinctive bird having lifetime of six centuries when that it burns itself. The phoenix story is gift in nearly each ancient civilization and a part of a rustic legend.
The Greek phoenix looked like an eagle and is a symbol for the sun, who dies in flames at the end of the day and rises again in the morning.
Before coming to Maris, West & Baker over a year ago, I held positions in project management and marketing for many years at the storied wireless communications company SkyTel. We were always able to operate as basically a wholly owned subsidiary, and were able to keep the SkyTel name and brand identity. Vehicle tracking systems (for commercial and consumer) were developed along with a system for remote meter reading. The company realized that if success was to be found with the new product suite, SkyTel needed a brand rejuvenation. It may be a result of bad PR or negative perceptions that have arisen that are out of your control. If market conditions change, or someone develops a product with competing or better features, your perceived brand value takes a hit.

Remember, a brand is the sum total of the perception a consumer experiences with your company. The recurrent theme of transformation, eternal life and inner power so poignantly expressed in the symbol of this mythical bird is what makes it one of the most sought after designs when it comes to tattoos. Phoenix tattoos for girls is 1st and foremost a robust image of rebirth and is commonly portrayed as rising from flames as mythology claims this bird rose from the ashes and came back to life. Thinking about it now, the company basically invented commercial wireless communication, which takes us right to the age we live in today. Whatever the reason, the time will likely come when you need to recapture your mojo, when you need to need to rejuvenate your brand. But it translates all the way down through customer service and even how the receptionist answers the phone. Based on my experience with SkyTel and other clients, here are three aspects key to implementing effective brand rejuvenation. The tattoo itself is characterized by fine, intricate artwork with great attention to details. The fact that Nike shoes provide a wearer better lateral support is secondary, it is just a feature; the idea that Nike shoes can give a wearer a better performance is what sells. Phoenix tattoos are normally done in bright, bold colors such as red, green, yellow and orange. However, if you want your design to be made with cooler tones, you can opt for blue or purple shades.

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