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I mean, why else would you pay good money to have someone else’s face permanently inked on your body unless you are completely and totally devoted to them and plan to be, well, for the rest of your life?
What crazy-devoted Pink fans don’t seem to realize though, is that, unless tribute tattoos are really well-done or are super flattering in some other way, they usually just end up being kinda creepy. Pink has been gradually adding tattoos to her legs since the age of 12, when she got her first tat ever on her ankle, and she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.
Pink may have some leg tattoos that she regrets, but lucky for us, she never plans on getting them removed. I think!” Apparently the inspiration behind Pink’s dragon thigh tattoo was her appreciation for the beauty of Japanese art.
Wrapping around her right ankle, Pink has a pair of dog tags inked in black that are meant to honor her brother, Jason, and her father, Jim Moore, a Vietnam War veteran.
The first song Pink ever learned and performed was “I Have Seen the Rain,” a song her dad wrote while in Vietnam. The rebellious Pink that we all know and love may not seem super lovey-dovey, but the heart tattoos on her toes aren’t the only heart tats Pink has.
She has at least two other tattoos that incorporate hearts into their design, including the heart and “love” symbol on her hip and the broken “best friends” heart on her arm.

Pink and Carey split back in 2008 for about two years, and the separation must have been pretty difficult on the two of them. Pink is a self-professed animal lover through and through, and apparently frogs are her favorite type of animal – apart from dogs, of course.
Pink’s foot tattoo features a relatively large black and white frog that covers a good portion of her foot, right near her Japanese symbol tattoos. The pop star has two nearly identical pink and black bow tattoos inked on the backs of her legs, just below her butt. Well, wonder no more – “In my head I’m a really talented stripper,” Pink has said about her leg tattoos. The pop star admits that the leg tattoos were the result of a drunken decision, although they definitely show off her toned butt nicely, so that’s a plus.
Pink” Leg TatEver wonder how Alecia Beth Moore got the stage name “Pink?” According to one account, Pink’s nickname was established after Steve Buscemi played the role of Mr. There are a number of other explanations for Pink’s fitting stage name, but this one seems to be the most viable, considering the pop star actually has a “Mr. Pink got the leg tattoo when she was 17, which was in 1996, and Reservoir Dogs came out in 1992, so the timing definitely fits.

Pink got her first tattoo at the age of 12, and has racked up more than a dozen more tattoos in the meantime, most of which are inked on her arms, wrists and hands.
The razorblade tattoo also includes some red gashes on her wrist that make it look like she tried to slit her wrist with the blade. Pink’s “help button” tattoo was inked in 2006, during what she sarcastically calls “a really brilliant moment of clarity” with fellow musician and friend Butch Walker, who has a matching tat in the same design.
Obviously.” According to Pink herself, the pop star presses her help button tattoo for comfort when she is facing a problem in her life. Although Pink hasn’t spoken much in public about her star hand tattoo, we do know that fellow musician, producer and friend Linda Perry has the exact same tat on her hand. Pink’s arm tattoo is super cute and is inspired by the “best friends forever” necklaces that little girls sometimes wear.

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