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Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below. Although the sparrow bares some religious significance it is thought that this has little to do with the tattoo.
Tattoos with meaning rarely have as many references as this, but for me there is only one real sparrow tattoo meaning. If you are considering getting a sparrow tattoo then be sure to check out as many designs as possible before having it done.

They are often seen as part of a larger tattoo, maybe with a hummingbird, a cherry blossom or even centerpieces of large forestry artwork.
In the days of large ships and full-time sailors, the sailors would have a tattoo of a sparrow given as a gift for crossing over more than 5,000 miles. In the 1900’s many prisoners released from prison would immediately have a sparrow tattoo inked onto their hand. Sparrows are mentioned in the bible as travelling in pairs and being loyal to one an other.

There is no real right or wrong meaning to the sparrow tattoo, it is one of those tattoos with meaning that varies dependent on the wearer.
Once they have found their partner they stay with them until death, this represents a strong eternal love and is another reason why sparrow tattoos are popular.

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