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First of all I came up with this blog title extreme strange tattoos because of my friend April.
Before I get into the list let me give you some quick facts about- why people get tattoo, while I’m on it I’ll squeeze in a quick history. For some people, tattooing is a form of self- expression, for some it represents a deeper meaning. Henna or Mehndi tattoos are temporary tattoos that lasts for several weeks, and commonly used in India and Muslim rites. In UV tattoos or blacklight tattoos, which are very visible in dark places or under the blacklight called “ultra violet light”. The scarcification or scarifying of the skin are done in etching, cutting, scratching of the human flesh copying a picture of the individual’s choice of design.
Tongue tattoos was practiced by Queen Kamamalu of Hawaii as her way of grieving over her mother-in-law’s death. The former Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most tattooed man, Tom Leppard famously known as Leopard Man or the Leopard Man of the Skye.

Rick Genest born August 7,1985, a Canadian fashion model and artist, known as Zombie Boy fir having a ‘corpse-like’ tattoo design in his face and almost half of his body.
Isobel Varley born in 1937, from Yorkshire, United Kingdom holds the title of Most tattooed Senior woman in Guinness Book pf World Records, recognized in 2000. Julia Gnuse born in 1959, holds the Guinness Record as the most tattooed woman in the world, having almost 100% of her face and body covered with bizarre tattoos.
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Guess who’ll never get pussy in his entire life?…wait a sec, are these two pink flowers on his cheeks ? Commonly tattoos are used in ancient times as religious markings, in indigenous tribes tattooing co notates their superstitious beliefs and for inmates in it’s a symbol of bravery and superiority.
To people who couldn’t bear the pain from pricking needles, henna tattoo is their solution. There are some UV tattoos which are not seen on normal lights and glow in the dark and depending on the kind of ink of one’s choice.

It is a form of cutting and branding method of the human skin and also known as “cicatrization”. Syringe is used for tongue tattoos, because using injection methods , unlike the tattoo machine don’t work much on tongue tattoos because of the thick taste bud’s layer which is the lining of the tongue’s top.
Tom Leppard now age 75, was a former soldier who now lives in a cabin on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.
During her 30?s she was suffering from skin blistering known as porphyria, a skin blistering due to sunlight exposure causing scars in the skin. In our modern society, people opt in to get a tattoo not only to express themselves, but as a form of fashion and style. In the 15th Century to 19th century, human branding is commonly practiced in Britain and Russia.

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