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Contrary to popular belief, the pit bull is quite docile and doesn’t attack until and unless provoked. You can make your pit bull tattoo more appealing by combining it with creative designs, such as the one shown here. With the pupil missing in one eye, this ferocious-looking pit bull is a gem for the US Army Marine Commandos.
Nothing is more appealing than a pit bull’s never say die attitude and if you like this attitude a pit bull tattoo will serve you fine.
The locket attached to the collar, bearing a heart and a bone shows the love of the owner for his pit bull.
The sharp elements protruding from the dog collar and the eyes without the pupils certainly make the pit bull appear more dangerous and powerful than it already is. Pit bulls are beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and all the virtues of man, without his vices. Pit Bulls are very aggressive when it comes to showing their affection which is quite exclusive. Pit bulls are famous for the love and loyalty they bestow on anyone who shows them a smidgen of kindness.

It is true enough that pit bulls grab and hold on – but what they most often grab and refuse to let go of is your heart, not your arm.
Names written on dog tags are a perfect way of showing your love for your pet, irrespective of whether it’s still with you or has left away leaving its lovely memories. The strong bold nature of the pit bull draws many towards it and that is why it is so popular as a tattoo piece. A pit bull tattoo always motivates you to keep going even when life throws a spanner in your works. Using patches of dark shades is a wonderful way of designing tattoos, and has been used regularly by designers worldwide. No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, owning a pit bull makes you rich.
CreativeFan is dedicated to bringing you the best resources and inspiration for creativity, and they work tirelessly to bring you posts like these. Like other dogs, they love their owner heartily, and never become hostile unless you train them to. Mostly showing just the head, these tattoos can be made more elaborate and big-sized and can be inked on chest or back.

Native to England and Scotland region, this cross-bred animal is known for its fearlessness and ferocity.
Arms are the most preferred spots for getting pitbull tattoos, and colors usually include dark shades which is quite obvious due to the appearance of these dogs. Having a savage reputation, derived from dog-fights in which they were mercilessly and continually used, these dogs are not as dangerous as they are commonly perceived.
Pit bull tattoos often show sharp teeth as a mark of their fighting power, and can be used by people who want to evoke a fighting attitude. Thus, if you want something mature and strong, the pit bull definitely offers a great choice.

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