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A spotted leopard print,chop them up and place them all over your skin and never change your spots! Order A spotted leopard print,chop them up and place them all over your skin and never change your spots!
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I haven't tried with clear packing tape but I guess the result will be similar (except for the fact that you can apply less stripes to cover the same area as the tape is wider).

I think it would look best to take a marker and ink it darker--especially after it starts to fade.
You could probably get the same results printing directly onto a smooth surface like a sheet of contact paper still on its backing or a piece of plastic the size and shape of paper. Gonna try this over the weekend with some heavy duty packing tape, much wider than scotch tape, so maybe a better medium?
Could also work using transparency sheets made for laser printer printing, I would use the shiny side not the mat side.

Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands.
As the ink contains mostly water and solvent, I wouldn't let it dry for too long though.

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