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From custom created artwork themed towards your fire station and the people that make it so unique, to original vinyl decals to dress your water craft to show your personality on the water. One day when I went to the art supply store I only went in with the intentions to get a gift for my friend. Our typical turnaround time for wholesale screen printing is 7-10 business days after art approval. At AMBRO Manufacturing we provide wholesale screen printing t-shirts and we pride ourselves in exceeding expectations on quality of product, customer service, and fast and reliable turnaround time.
With over 30 years of experience in the business, AMBRO Manufacturing strives to be the best and offer the best to you as a client with providing professional whole screen printing t-shirts and services. So if you would like to start working with us and have AMBRO Manufacturing supply your wholesale screen printing t-shirts call or email us today! T shirt Screen Printing by Alleycat Designs Inc - custom t shirt screenprinting of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, towels, union apparel and other apparel. There are many different ink colors and shirt colors to choose from that the possibilities for custom screen printed t-shirts are endless. Now I bet your wondering where you can get your custom screen printed t-shirts, look no further!
If you would like to get more information on custom screen printed t-shirts or order your very own, call (908) 806-8337 or email us today!
Yesterday was my birthday and it was fun laying by the pool, teaching dance, and trying a new pizza place downtown!
You also want a piece of cardboard in the middle of the shirt so that the ink doesn’t go through.
Spread the ink on the screen and squeegee it so that it transfers through the screen onto the t-shirt. Screen printing is when you print an image or design onto a fabric of your choosing with ink. We are located in Flemington, NJ and are a family owned business with over 30 years’ experience in screen printing and embroidery.
We offer jumbo or large screen printing which is essential the same process as tradition screen printing except on a larger scale.

We strive in exceeding expectations on quality of the product, customer service, and fast and reliable turnaround time. For example say you are throwing a 50th anniversary party for your parents and you wanted to get then a special and unique gift. AMBRO Manufacturing is a family owned business located in Flemington, NJ and has been in business for nearly 30 years!
For over 19 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality, original, cutting edge, custom graphics South Florida has seen.
We have heard your suggestions and have taken your ideas and created a whole new experience for you! If you don’t have a cutting machine, then you can free hand a design and cut it out with an Xacto knife.
So in short wholesale screen printing is the sale of printed goods to anyone other than a standard consumer.
Not only do we offer traditional screen printing but we also offer jumbo screen printing and sublimation as well.
At AMBRO Manufacturing we understand that what we do directly impacts how your customers view you. Screen printing is the process where screens in frames are coated with a photosensitive emulsion, dried with a light and then burned with the artwork or logo. We also offer sublimation printing, or dye sublimation printing, which is a versatile digital printing method for transferring imagines onto something, which has to be made out of polyester and for best results it needs to be white. You can get them both custom screen printed t-shirts each in their favorite color with their wedding picture screen printed on the front with their wedding date underneath.
Since the early days, we have branched out and now cover more categories of design and provided other services.
Please take a look around and see our whole new redesign, past jobs to current ones and our new online shop! The possibilities are endless as to what you can design and put on a t-shirt.A I love my new t-shirts!
Screen printing is when screens that are in frames are coated with a photosensitive emulsion, dried with a light, and then burned with your artwork.

We pride ourselves in exceeding expectations of product quality, customer service, and fast and reliable turnaround time.
With a variety of ink colors and different styles and colors of shirts and other articles of clothing I’m sure that we offer something that your clients will love.
Once those processes with the screens are done they are ready to be loaded up onto the screen printing press and covered with ink. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes and all over the country and know that what we do for your company directly impacts how your customers view you. Custom screen printed t-shirts are t-shirts that are screen printed with a design or logo of your choosing. Once this process is done they are ready to be loaded up onto the screen printing press and covered with ink, after that they are transferred to the fabric of your choosing.
All of our wholesale screen printing is done in house which gives us control over the whole entire process of orders.
Screen printing is the printing process where screens are coated with a photosensitive emulsion, dried with a light, and then burned with the artwork. Another example is, say you are throwing your child their first birthday party, instead of getting goodie bags for all the kids you can get them all custom screen printed t-shirts with say the theme screen printed on the front with Happy first Birthday!
I asked about making my own screen but she highly suggested against it because the screen must be super tight on the wood.
After that process they are loaded up onto the printing press and covered in ink, they are then transferred to the t-shirt. As I said before that are many different ideas you can come up with for your very own custom screen printed t-shirts.

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