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Different people see beauty in different things, and one thing that is beautiful for other may not me beautiful for other, and one thing that is beautiful for someone may not be beautiful for other.
You have to decide that you will no longer make your body and beauty the focus of your life. Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariable excites the sensitive soul to tears. People having beautiful faces are being adored by most of people but beauty is not limited to beautiful faces. I have been hearing this quote since my childhood and I have been wandering to know the meaning.

The most beautiful people on the earth are those who have love in their hearts for the humanity.
When we find some beauty in other we must express our feeling so that other should feel great.
Some people have very beautiful face, some have beautiful features, and some have beautiful personalities while some people have very beautiful inner. We can find thousands of quotes that are related to beautiful feelings rather than beautiful faces. As the time passes most of the people thinks that beauty lies in money, but that’s not true, there is more beauty in poor then rich persons.

And the amazing part is, the people having beautiful inner are the most beautiful people on earth.
We should also not judge others by their outer rather we should go for their inner feelings. When people search about beauty quotes they want to dedicate to others but most of them are girls and women.

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