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A good potluck invitation not only helps you spread the word about your party to all the people you want to invite, it can help you organize your party too.
Once you're sure all the wording is exactly the way you want it, click on the diskette button to save all your changes.
If you'd like more options, take a look at the printable potluck invitations available from the following websites. Using free or cheap printable invitations can help you reduce the cost of your party, but if you still want to explore other options, you'll find plenty of potluck invitations to order and purchase. Potluck Summer Picnic - The big slice of watermelon on this invitation makes this design a great choice for a picnic potluck.
Let's Dish - This invitation gets straight to the point with its Let's Eat theme, and the retro styling is also very attractive.
Holiday Potluck - White polka dots on a green background and a sprig of holly make this the perfect design for a Christmas potluck.
Ideally, your invitation should give your guests some idea of what they should bring so you end up with a well-rounded meal.

Although your invitations can help your party planning efforts, there's a reason why this type of party is called a potluck. Download the following invitations for free or purchase customized invitations that suit your style, and start planning your get together.
Once you download the free PDF, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to personalize your invitations, and Pottery Barn offers an option to download it for free in case you don't already have it. Pricing starts at just under $2 per invitation if you stick with the basic paper option, and prices increase if you prefer to go with one of the company's other paper options.
Customizing options include selecting your font, envelope type, and even having your return address printed on the envelope. You can choose from three different types of paper, and you even have the option of having your guests reply online. You can customize all the wording, and paper options include basic, metallic, linen, and more.
As host, you'll probably want to provide the main course and then ask your guests to each bring a dish or beverages to help fill out the menu.

That way you can politely suggest a guest brings something else if it seems like you're getting to many of the same dishes. In the end, you wind up with whatever dishes you're lucky enough to get, so relax and enjoy the dinner, as well as the company. Pricing begins around $1.60 each for eight invitations, and the price per invitation drops if you order more.
If you choose basic paper for your invitations, the price begins at just over $2 per invitation.

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