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For additional information, please view our Wall Quote FAQ's - you'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy they are to apply and how beautifully they can transform your space. I'm so sorry for your loss I lost my father 6 years ago on the 29 of December which was 9 days after my 7 birthday. Subscribe by Email for your weekly emotional release with our Loving, Healing and Touching poetry and quotes! Just read this poem on my daughters 2nd anniversary and posted on Facebook hope I'm not doing anything illegal.. Today is my daughter Kayleah birthday she passed away May 29th 2013 she would've been having her 1st birthday today and it's very difficult for me because instead of planning her birthday I'm planning a memorial she is greatly missed and no words can explain the pain a mother feels after losing a child.
It will be a month tomorrow that my Sweet Amelia Grace passed away, she was only 3 weeks old, and to add more emotional turmoil she passed away on her big sisters birthday. I had to lay my beautiful 2 month old daughter to rest on 4-6-2012 she never had a chance to live her life. I lost my little girl 15 years ago today, I swear its the hardest thing anyone could ever do, I also lost another to a miscarriage about 6 years ago and about 3 years ago I had to have a hysterectomy, a lot of people say its hard, no hard is loosing your babies and knowing you will NEVER get to have another. I should be spending this time planning my little girls 11th birthday that is in 5 days but instead I'm still trying to figure out why she was taken from me. I had seen him only moments before when he popped home to pick up his watch that he had forgotten to put on, he was happy and laughing, moments later he was gone from this world. That was in July, I struggle every day, I miss him every day, I cannot let go, his room is the same, photos every where. I lost my son 10 months ago he was 16 and my oldest son and my baby boy from a asthma attack and the hospital took over 6 minutes to come out to the car to stare at my son and the doctor says he is in a cardiac arrest, is he on heroin, never did CPR or gave him oxygen. Our son and only child David died of a gunshot to the face from a twelve gauge shot gun on February 17, 2010 and died almost immediately in front of his dad and I. You did not get to experience being a Dad and you loved babies, you would have been the best Daddy.
I lost my 4 days old son Leeron Jeremy on the 7th of January 2013 and today it's exactly one year. Our vibrant, inspirational, loving and much loved son went to be with the Lord in March 2007 - also aged only 25. If you google "Nathan Shane Straight memorial" you can see the web site I made to honor him. I lost my grandma in 2013 it is was and still is the hardest thing to go through I miss her so much but I know she is in a better place and she IS home. She was 10 years old and the light of my life, the only thing that really mattered to me in the world.
It just described my feelings I had that day when I lost her in my arms couldn't have said it better myself thank you so much for sharing this poem. My daughter Amelia, age 6 was killed when a car slammed into her while she was walking home from the park with her big sister October 21, 2011 she passed away Oct 24, 2011, 5 weeks shy of her 7th birthday. I know there are days you don't feel like going on and sometimes you ask yourself "why should I?". Leaving a huge hole in my life and the lives of so many that loved him and called him a friend. I try so hard for the rest of my family and our wonderful friends, he was loved and adored by so many people.
Yes is very hard and no you never get over losing a child but I promise that as time goes by it at least becomes bearable! It was to late when the doctor took him in the hospital and then try to bring my son back the worst day of my life Sept.
I have no faith in the medical industry at this point in time and these are exactly the reasons why!! On June 8, 2014, my 29 year old youngest of two sons Derek told his two daughters that he was going to take a nap on my bed for a few minutes.
In his brief time he brought to me and my family love and joy in profound and copious measures. My youngest son of 4 kids (3 sons and 1 daughter) was killed on June, 17th in a car accident when 3 teen age boys went out for a peaceful Sunday noon lunch after church. He was the perfect son a mother could ask for, words cannot begin to explain the pain and heart ache me and my daughter Rachael are feeling.
He was a living saint he knew no sins he lost his sight at the age of 6 and kept having complications but he never blamed anyone for his problems. To wake up everyday knowing I will never hear I love you mom anymore because of one man's careless and reckless behavior makes me sick.

A memorial tells the world that while our loved one may be gone his or her spirit lives on. She had Tetralogy of Fallot (hole in the heart) undergone 2 open heart surgeries and Biliary atresia (bile ducts of liver had not developed correctly) had liver operation done also.
I sat with my daughter until she took her last struggling breath and held her in my arms to say goodbye. She was my best friend and thought I was the best daddy in the world, and she told me so every day. It was such a traumatic experience, to walk into the hospital unit where she was and to witness 15-20 doc and nurses surrounding her, trying to save her. Common Mistakes: the word "i" should be capitalized, "u" is not a word, and "im" is spelled "I'm" or "I am". I didn't have chance to say good bye and to tell him how much I loved him and how very proud I was of him . I never thought I'd be the one out of all of the parents that would top the hill and see the military vehicle there to tell me my son was gone. I went to my room after he had laid down an notice I didn't hear him breathing but thought he was asleep.
I love you and pray that you may know how much you are loved by those you have left behind.
He was just 18, enrolled in a scholar program at the State College and worked 2 part time jobs. I know my life would never be the same without him but I know he is safe in Gods hands, everything happens for a reason. My son had so much living to do, children to raise and will never get to see his girls accomplishments. On that day in July, her and her mother were driving down a country road and for reasons that are still not clear smashed into the back of a truck that was parked on the side of the road clearing debris from a recent storm. I still find life very very hard I cannot bear to see photos or listen to music , and my grandson who is so like his dad breaks my heart but also lifts my heart . He was on his way to his friend's when a truck pulled out in front of him and he had no time to stop. I thought that the funeral would give some sort of closure to it and would help me to begin to move on, but it just isn't the case. I got a call from the ER in the town where he lived just 20 minutes away saying that he had been brought in unresponsive at 7:20 that morning and was pronounced dead a few minutes later. I left the room, but came back about 15 minutes or so later to get him up and discovered he had lain across my bed and died rather suddenly and unexpectedly.
I'm so grateful for the 23 years I had with him and that he died in his house, in his own bed but he was my best friend and can't get over the loss. He was a passenger in the front seat and had had just told his buddys to make sure to make sure they all had there seat buckles on, not sure did he have his buckle on because he was thrown out of the car. He had been clean for over one year and was looking forward to regaining custody of his two youngest children ages 4 and 5. We thank God for the legacy and testimony of the impact he had on so many for good and for God.
I had 5 days with him on life-support which gave me time to say good bye and to touch his warm body. Allison did not have a seat belt on, was thrown into the dashboard and the door, and died immediately. Maybe someday I will have another child that I can give my love to, but I know that no one will ever take the place of my precious little girl who was taken from me far too soon. To who wrote this, you did an excellent job and it will be in her scrapbook to remember how beautiful it is and exactly how I feel. I suppose that was said to give us some comfort, but how can you find comfort in the death of your child?
He had just secured his first job as a drummer full time, his life was about to start, and now he is gone.
Since he passed we have been getting signs that he is still around and though he isn't here physically he ever left our side.
When I first heard from another friend I didn't think it could be true, he and I hadn't been as close the past few years. Only by God's Grace was I on another call when the second crew was paged out to his accident.
I feel as if I am caught in a nightmare and tell myself to wake up so I can hear Zack say "I Love You Mom" and get a big Hug.

The other boys thought he had his buckle on but because he was thrown out the officals think he didn't, but that's niether here nor there - his death was coded as basil skull fracture - he was killed june 17, 2012 -at the age of 17 - born Jan 7, 1995 - he was always looking out for the underdog and the less fourtent. I still am in shock knowing that he even took those drugs let alone knowing he took enough to end his life. He was gone an hour and a half and they had already transported him to the funeral home before my husband and I found out.
Her mother, from whom I was divorced and did not live with, was in and out of a coma for months but eventually recovered, although paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. I never even got a chance to say goodbye, and I hope she knew in those last minutes how much her daddy loved her, and always will.
I'll never forget her or what could of been and even seeing 2 little girls playing makes me sad because that's what I pictured. I loved my son very much and knowing I will never see him again is proving almost impossible to come to terms with.
I miss him every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year. But I just saw him a few weeks ago, he was leaving as I was coming, we passed with a simple wave and a nod. When I left to return his children to foster care, Michael kissed me on the lips, usually he just kissed my cheek.
But he promised he would be back shortly, and with a kiss and big hug I said, "please be careful Justin" and a returned response " mom I'll be okay, I promise", I really believed I would see my baby later that night.
He looked at one of the many photos of Shane and asked, "Who's that?" I told him it was his Uncle Shane. It gets better on days and worse at times, but I believe in god and reasoning for what he did, just wish I knew! Looking back now I wish I would have stopped him and just talked to him, no matter what it was about just anything. My only comfort is that we had dinner together the night before he died and I had the chance to tell him how much I love him and give him the usual hug and kisses on both cheeks as we always did when we parted. I have read all of the posts following the lovely poem written as a tribute to the author's son: the grief of so many is nearly unbearable. I have lost the will to live anymore I just want to go where he is, as for 16 years & 10 months he was in my arms and I can't see my life without him in it. She was my only child and the only one I will probably ever have, and I miss her every day.
He left telling me "I love you more and I will see you on Monday!" The last words I heard uttered from his mouth.
When they drove up to where he was I heard CPR in progress and I knew in my head he was gone but my heart was pleading for God to let me keep him!
As a Christian, I know that my great hope does not exist in this temporal world, yet the pain does persist and will be life-long. I don't know how I'm suppose to keep living without his laughter, and the sound of his voice.
The pain is so great that only another parent who has lost a child can truly understand it.
I was driving yesterday in the car and had to turn the radio off, every song that comes on is connected to a memory and it is just too much. I read your poem and it brought tears to my eyes, knowing the pain you're going through and that every other parent that lost their precious child is dealing with, and will deal with all the days of their lives. I miss him bouncing through the door yelling hey mom where ya at, or finding parts for his cars on eBay and saying mom will you order this for me and I'll pay you back on Friday! I understand that God has a plan for everything He creates, but right now my heart is so broken. Adam's last words to me in a surreal, supernatural dream were "Unspeakable joy, Mom.' Knowing that heaven is real has brought me the most comfort. You are so right in saying that it's not fair and I would have traded him places in a heartbeat. LI thank you for sharing your story, you have helped me know there is someone is out there that can relate to my pain. Until we meet again son watch over us and know that you are in my heart because part of me went with you!!

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