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Mother child tattoo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ MM sez: I am not into tats - But I think this is just so clever and incredibly beautiful!
My favorite Disney movie was "The Little Mermaid" ~ And I've always wanted a mermaid tattoo. Quote tattoos are a popular way of expressing your true heartfelt emotions, whether they relate to you at a particular phase of your life or you are able to identify with it on a general level. Choose from some of the quote tattoo styles presented above and you can use them as an inspiration to make your very own tattoo design.

Quotes can be of various types, and you can use quotes by famous people or have your very own saying or motto tattooed on your body. Sometimes a few lines of a poem may be used as a tattoo; at other times a statement that honestly expresses a particular mood of your can be used as a tattoo. Sometimes a quote tattoo may have other accompanying symbols, such as flying birds, heart signs, clouds, stars, swirls, trees, and others. The quote can be written in a few straight lines, or it can be presented in other ways as well.

The font used to write the quote may vary in style, thereby creating a variation in the tattoo’s appearance.

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