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When the tattoos fashion was at its peak and most of the famous wrestlers were showing craze for this particular form of fine arts, Randy tried some motifs at start to attract the audience.
The below video shows all the pictures of Randy Orton with his daughter , its a nice compilation of all the picture and the background music for the video is appropriate and awesome. Randy Orton has a tattooed rose on his left hand, which is dedicated to his daughter Alanna Marie Orton.
After marrying his long-time girlfriend Samantha Speno on 21st September, 2007, the couple announced they will be welcoming a baby girl. Samantha got sole legal and physical custody for their daughter Alanna Marie Orton, while Randy could only get visitation.

But when almost every wrestler started getting permanent tattoos work on his body, he joined the race as well and made some attractive tattoos on his string body.
Wrestling runs like blood in his veins as this had been a family profession for him for last three generations, and he is the 3rd generation wrestler after his grandpa Bob Orton Sr.
The strange thing about his tattoos is that no one knows yet about the meanings of these tattoos.
He formed his tag team with another renowned wrestler The Edge and also won the Tag Team Championship twice and remains the Champion in the Royal Rumble game as well in the year 2009. Moreover, there is a beautiful colored rose tattoo as well on his left arm and about it he says that it’s for my loving daughter.

He dedicated this tattoo to the birth date of his daughter Alana Marie Orton and it’s written in Roman numbers.
For his lovely wife, Samantha Orton, he has another tattoo of her name written on Randy’s right arm.
There are about five web tattoos on his heavy body; two on his both wrists, two on his both shoulders and the final one is on the back of his neck on the skull.

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