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Roman numeral tattoos use letters from the Latin alphabet for your favorite number, date or birth year in a unique style. Choose from the Roman numeral tattoos presented in this site to give yourself a unique makeover.
Roman numeral tattoos are quit popular and still used in modern time, Some of the common uses of roman numerals in modern life include use in clock faces, chapter numbering and copyrighting in books, and numbered lists. Even celebrities like Rihanna, Angelina Jolie and Miley Cyrus all have such tattoos and due to this it’s in fashion.
Some used stylish fonts, some add stars, scrolls, flowers or different meaningful symbols to the roman numerals, others are transformed into some clever shapes.

They are mostly sported to represent one’s favorite number, or depict dates that have a personal relevance to an individual, such as the date of birth or the date of wedding. The Roman numerals descend from the Romans and Etruscan who made cuts (notches) in a stick to keep record and predate Roman counting (writing). The Romans copied the convention of the Etruscan and retained the Etruscan rule that only the signs I,X and C could be used in subtraction. It can also create an aura of mystery on some occasions, especially if you do not know the underlying reason as to why a person is sporting a number on his or her body.
If you are thinking of sporting a Roman numeral tattoo, you can experiment with various font styles and sizes.

Sometimes a Roman numeral tattoo can be accompanied by other symbols, such as floral prints, animals, insects, clocks, birds, dragons, as well as swirling designs and patterns.

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