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ROYALTY FREE MUSIC Browse tons of music for use in your games and other media, under CC by SA* Get them! This studio composes and produces really great compositions and sells them (royalty-free) for pretty cheap. You Might Also Like[Nonsense Radio #2] – SoundtracksRoyalty-Free Music For Creative Projects10 Awesome and Totally Free Handwritten Fonts for Creative Types. The Nonsense Society was created in order to promote and empower aspiring artists around the world. Susan, no excuses now.Gary - LOL!Wendy, $100 is more than what most of these charge and some are free. You have to apply to make money using the music, but it’s a great site and perhaps the most famous of the options.

I started Indie Music Box as a royalty-free solution for filmmakers and multimedia artists. A lot of sites that weren’t included in this compilation cost upwards of $30 per track, so $5 is really good!
If the music isn't good, as a viewer I tend not to pay as close attention as I should or not even finish the trailer if there is music and talking. I'm working on getting my first book published, so got into blogging to practice writing. A long time ago, I had a novel some friends made a book trailer for and one of them created original music for it. Really effective music can elevate an otherwise average trailer to something compelling and powerful.

They have tracks that you can customize and and plenty of genres to choose from ranging from classical, rock, to even production music like you would see in commercials or even newscasts. This isn’t always the case with old music because the specific recordings can have restrictions. I’d rather sell my tracks for cheap and let people use them, then spend my life hoping to get a big commission.
Many of the solutions out there are very expensive and unrealistic for independent artists, filmmakers, podcasters, video game makers, and multimedia artists.

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