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When searching for visual material on the internet you are frequently confronted with the image’s rights of use. Anyone who wants to provide their website or print products with high-quality images uses either expensive stock material from the well-known microstock agencies or free-to-use, licence-free images.
At Gratisography the New York designer and photographer Ryan McGuire makes photos available which he has taken exclusively himself – and a new image is added almost daily.
As the name of the website suggests the aim here is to defeat the established stock photo providers. IM Creator is actually a homepage builder which has recently been complemented by free images which are put together under the name IM FREE. Superfamous is a project by the Dutch designer Folkert Gorter, who now lives and works in Los Angeles. At Split Shire there is also someone who likes to take great photos and who doesn’t take image rights more seriously than is absolutely necessary. The young web designer Viktor Hanascek from the Czech Republic is following the same path as the makers of Split Shire and making his photos available completely free of charge.
All of the images available at Little Visuals have a Creative Commons 1.0 Universal licence.
Although there are not many photos available on the site, the young London designer Liam McKay offers good quality, free images. If you are not reliant on photos with high resolution and of high-end quality, then Getrefe offers a selection of many interesting images which have been taken with Smartphones. Although “The Pattern Library” is a source for licence-free patterns as opposed to licence-free images, I would still like to introduce this new project from the designers Tim Holman from New York and Claudio Guglieri from San Francisco.
Of course anyone who only has a small budget does not want to miss out on quality photos – and now you don’t have to, provided you take notice of today’s collection and the related sources for images which are free-to-use and secure from a licence rights point of view. You can either access them via the download link which can be found under the image or sign up for a newsletter and you will be sent ten free photos by email every ten days. The images include people, animals and architectural highlights which McGuire has discovered on his travels.
You can currently find around 140,000 licence-free images which you can browse with the help of the search function.
This is a long-term aim, but the initiators of the website, Allison Lehman and David Sherry, have made it their mission to provide high-quality and above all free images.
Although it does include more specialised photos, this source needs to be mentioned as it is truly astounding when you see what you can find here. Instagram users who mark free images with the Hashtag #dotspin, release the image as being free for the photo platform and its users. You can either enter a search term or look through the many categories in which you will discover some photographic gems. On this website he publishes free-to-use, licence-free images as part of the Creative Commons licence “CC-BY-3.0” (citing the creator’s name). The Italian designer and photographer Daniel Nanescu is behind the project and he provides his licence-free photos free-of-charge. This means that you don’t have to provide any sources or mention any names and you can do whatever you want with the photos. This website is particularly suitable for bloggers and website operators who want to download licence-free images free-of-charge. The users, who have linked their Instagram profiles with this website, make their work available for free.
If I have missed a website for free, high-resolution images, please tell me and the other readers in the comments below.

Away from the well-known microstock agencies I invite you to rummage around for visual material for your future projects.
That is why I have searched the internet for you and selected the best sources for free images. Those responsible for the site state that the photos can be used free of charge and also for commercial purposes. All photos come with the most radical of all CC licences, the Creative Commons Zero, so you can download the photos without any concerns and do whatever you want with them. Another great feature is that if you have decided to buy a new camera and want to see how it is able to perform in practice you have the opportunity at Pixabay to see images which have been taken using the respective camera model. On their website you can enter your email address and receive licence-free images every month. There are photos of airships, old factory buildings or even a family outing in the seventies. The highlight of this image collection is that it is carefully cultivated and constantly checked by expert eyes.
Although I have the impression that not much has happened on this site for some time it is still worth searching through the available photos. This website is actually just a Flickr API, which means it is a search engine for images on Flickr, where you can simply filter according to the desired use (commercial or non-commercial). The designers have put together a really large number of patterns which you can use to brighten up your web and print products. You will find high-quality, attractive photos which certainly match the range offered by professional photo agencies. Of course you also have the opportunity to make a donation to the creator of Gratisography and his design agency Belly Design.
Here a piece of contemporary history has been captured in images and as the copyright of the photos has expired, you can freely use the photos which Cole Townsend from Buffalo, New York has put together for you. The selection of images collected here is really worth looking at even though it is only really a collection of links. Unlike the aforementioned project you also have the opportunity at Picjumbo to take out premium membership for 6 US Dollars a month.
They are good quality photos where you usually only need to cover yourself by naming the creator before you can use them freely. Unfortunately there isn’t a search function, but as the selection of images is still of a manageable size, this is not really necessary.
A further advantage is that through the multitude of artists who are willing to make their images available you do not get the same boring beach or business photos with the same smiling faces for the 100th time.
Of course the creator of the respective image is also named under the image and you should mention them in your project despite all the freedom you have been granted. It is not essential to register on this website but it is recommended so that you don’t have to constantly enter new Captchas for each download.
If you would like to find out more about the image rights for the photos on offer here you can find all of the information under rights. So what do you get out of it as the creator of free-of-charge, licence-free images if you make photos available here?
The majority of the images are actually from people who publish their photos on Flickr almost exclusively as part of the Creative Commons licence where the creator’s name is cited. There is not yet much content on the website which Nanescu launched at the beginning of 2014. The best thing is that you really get a lot of images and you always find what you are looking for.

And even though the photos here have been taken using mobile phone cameras there are some really impressive shots. Instead you often get images of high artistic merit, where you immediately recognise that real professionals are behind the photographs. The images are predominantly architectural, landscape and street photographs which are all of a very high artistic quality. For each licence-free image you are awarded free “DotCredits” which you can then turn into gift cards. There are great photos which you are free to use for your projects and in many cases commercial use is included. However via the timeline you can see that new and high-resolution photos are constantly being added in order to increase the size of the collection.
Each month you receive an email with a download link to all previously published work and also previously unpublished photos.
If you click on the photo on the left the licence-free image will be opened immediately on Flickr and you can see which rights you must grant the creator.
You can see that the photographers are not necessarily absolute beginners and that the people who select and release the images certainly know what they are doing.
I have already pointed out the legal framework and mentioned some providers in my article about free image databases so I will not be talking about Flickr, Deviant art and co.
There isn’t a search function, but you have the option of simply clicking through the archive. Nevertheless you should always have a very close look at the Flickr profiles of each image to check the respective licence. I’m not sure but you should definitely take a look at his photos and the minimalist but cool website. I think the work added so far is fantastic and as you can see by the various image categories the young designer plans to cover a wide spectrum of topics. This project is still rather new as it only began in November 2013, but Viktor constantly uploads new photos and is continuing to develop his image database step by step. The advantage is that in the preview window you are shown all available sizes of the respective image and the system also generates a HTML code which you can use to integrate the photo on your Blog, etc. But if you are looking for really good images for your project you are guaranteed to find them here. You must be aware of one thing: the website has to be paid for somehow so the top row of the search results are always filled with images from the commercial photo agency Shutterstock.
Perhaps you are already aware of some of the platforms introduced – or maybe you have a recommendation of your own. However photos from this image database which are subject to a charge are separated from the licence-free images via a dotted line.
We would be delighted if you could share it with the other readers in the comments section. The only weak point is that sometimes the images are not particularly large, so they are not always useful for print products. I certainly think that Nanescu is taking the project seriously and has a good eye for graphic implementation.
Anyone who is in a rush to find licence-free images and doesn’t want to spend hours scrolling through search results of differing quality, is in exactly the right place.

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