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At long last, we are happy to present out latest offering: Drawings For Tattoos by Don Ed Hardy. All orders outside of the USA we ask you to please visit Sailor Jerry Clothing, Last Gasp, or Lucky Supply for International Shipping.
Long out of print, all three of our Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash books, Sailor Jerry American Tattoo Master, and Sailor Jerry Tattoo Drawings will soon again be available for sale again by next week!
Latest PostsAvailable now: Drawings For Tattoos – Don Ed HardyNew Hardy Marks book: “Lew The Jew” Alberts available now!
This is a set of BOTH of Sailor Jerry's books, Volume 1 (blue book) & Volume 2 (pink book).
The pin up line drawings in this volume are from the Sailor Jerry (Norman Keith Collins (1911-1973) Collection and were rendered by Michael (Rollo Banks) Malone (1942-2007).

This reprint includes an introduction by Kandi Everett, and a copy of Michael Malone's Obituary as originally published in the New York Times on April 30, 2007. This seldom-shared legacy was passed on to the few confidants deemed worthy of continuing the hermetic practice. 88 pages of preparatory drawings for tattoos done by Don Hardy for clients between the late 1960s through the early 2000s.
Due an unexpected avalanche of orders for these long out-of-print books, and our small staff as a family business, we are behind schedule but working to get all books out as quickly as possible. The books will be available through Hardy Marks, Sailor Jerry, Last Gasp, Lucky Supply, and many others!
Malone purchased Sailor Jerry's entire collection of artwork and tattoo shop contents from Jerry's widow after Jerry's death in 1973.

We now have a system that should automatically email USPS tracking numbers to purchasers as soon as they are created. 3, Sailor Jerry Tattoo Drawings, and the incredible Sailor Jerry American Tattoo Master are now available for purchase on the Hardy Marks online store!

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